What are some good foods to get you in the mood before sex?

What are some good foods to get you in the mood before sex?
What are some good foods to eat after sex for maximum comfy?

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Lots of dill pickles

Anything that you make yourself, girls swoon over that.

No, not curry pajeet.

>eat eat eat eat eat eat
Fucking fatties

Pre or post sex ?

Curry is a scientifically prove sex booster

But it makes your breath bad


Yeah right.

>eat curry
>gang-rape underage girls
>ask 12 year old to open bobs
India was a mistake

If it's garlic and onions and you both eat it, then neither will notice it.

Meal before sex? Go down, of course.

After sex? A slab of steak, some wine, and a cigar.

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why are normies so fucking cringeworthy

Just google it my family

t. incel

Normies, you mean people who pay their own bills and aren't faggots like you?

dated this chinese woman who would make mussels with white wine, garlic, and lemon juice. one of the best fucking things i've ever eaten. and it always preceded sex. that's really the only aphrodisiac-type food i've have a sense memory with. i dated another girl who ate garden vegetable cream cheese off my dick. she really liked cheese. i just remember it being chunky and not that pleasurable.

Oysters before sex, they're loaded with zinc, your balls will love it.
Order a pizza afterwards, your woman will love it.

Good times! Try finding an American chick that can cook, it just doesn't seem to happen.

James Bond detected.


>James Bond detected.
Shaken, not stirred.

what does zinc do for your balls?

Says the man on the food and cooking board.

Makes them hard combine that with horney goat weed and you're a master of disaster.

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Zinc will give you a hard-on like you wouldn't believe. Zinc Picolinate capsules at your health-food store, 50 mg. strength. I take 2 with breakfast.

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welp, going to the drugstore tomorrow

gotta get me some zinc dick.
man, the more you know

Don't forget horny goat weed.

Chicken and white wine, avoid cheese and pasta

Don't let them sell you another type, they don't do shit. It's gotta be the Picolinate type and 50 mg.

booze and booze

will do. me and my girlfriend send our thanks in advance

>What are some good foods to get you in the mood before sex?

Not to be meme, a blue rare steak, blue cheese on top and some greens make me feel extra masculine

>What are some good foods to eat after sex for maximum comfy?

Lime sorbet for me. Ladies tend to like back rubs, rubbing their ankles and chocolate ice cream.

>blue cheese before sex
foot fetish and/or rimming?

Get yourself some spinach, be like popeye!

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If it's good enough for Popeye and my grandparents then it's good enough for you!

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i hear spinach and broccoli make your cum taste like shit. I almost started a thread on this the other day. like, what foods make your cum taste sweet or bitter or sour? naw what i mean? anybody have first hand info on this?

I've heard more negatives than positives from long term girlfriends. One thing that's sure, if some chick is going down on you and you a thai food fart, you're gonna have bad times. The bitch will hollar at you for a couple days.

>why curry is the secret to spicing up your sex life
Fuck me that's some low hanging fruit.

mirin those forearm gains tho

so does hot sauce and soda
but pineapple legit makes it taste good, I had a girlfriend in high school who made me eat it and she literally could tell if I stopped

From what I've read pineapple is supposed to make it taste better, I dunno I'm just a guy and don't suck cum.

I don't eat pineapple but I eat a ton of fruit and I've been told my cum tastes good

Gotta have those to chase Olive Oil and beat off Brutus.

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>he fell for the sex meme
Take my advice. Forget about it. Nothing but trouble.

IME sex is best on an empty stomach.

Just like it's not good to swim after you eat a big meal, it's not a good idea to be gyratin' all around with a bunch of food in your belly.

We're guys, we never take advice.


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Popeye v Sinbad

I don't like eating before sex because I don't like physical exertion on a full stomach. Afterwards anything is game.

I don't think I want to have sex

after I drop a fat one I just feel really distant and shut down from the world for a while
just want to sit quietly by myself and not talk to or be around anyone

get a load of this faggot

Eat some spicy Mexican, Indian, or Thai food before sex. Trust me, it'll get you right into the mood.

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India and its disporia

Poo in the loo with shitstains, that's indians.

Seek help from dr phil and dr oz, drs of what I dunno, otherwise perhaps just kill yourself, this is 4c.

Subway sandwiches

Those Thai food farts are pretty pungent, beef w/ basil farts can clear a room.

>any year
>giving up my powers to roasties

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Only man's best friend will stick around when the Thai food farts start blowing.

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I never got the point of Subway, NYC subways are disgusting, they're filled with everything one doesn't want. Rats, piss, horrible smells, niggers, criminals, roaches. Why would a place named Subway appeal to anyone?

... appeal to anyone as a food destination or choice. I hit enter too quick.

they look like a subway? huh? am i gettin yer meanin?

Don't forget bathe in the ganges where all their shit and piss runs off into.
But they come to America claiming high tech and fail miserably because "cheap and easy." It ten or more of them to even get close to what an American does naturally.

only one drink. wine. unless she recovering alcoholic you be getting some.

Reminds me of a Billy Joel song.
Bottle of Red, Bottle of White, Perhaps a Bottle of Rose instead?

(BBC2 broadcast live from Wembley 8th June 1984)
Billy Joel Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

bongs will do literally anything to bow to their pajeet overlords.

do i know you?

>pajeet overlords
vaguely starcraftian
very good

Plain Blue cheese by itself


I dunno. It's difficult to know on an user board.

Billy Joel - The Stranger (Live 1977)


>Those Thai food farts are pretty pungent

Who knows? Maybe she'd be into that.

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My ex used to blast some of her own, she was coqettish about them but those things really stunk. That's hot marriage material when a friend who is also a chick can rip them as well as myself.

The thing with chicks is that they don't use it as an artform. They giggle. Us guys use it on purpose at times.

Billy Joel - Tell Her About It

mostly what i need from you, user desu

and this

Good one!

Pretty cool, I haven't seen that one before, it's ripping now. Those gangsters!

Billy Joel - The Longest Time

haven't heard of tic tacs, soiboi?

Get a load of this guy, he does know about pic related.

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>tfw a food/sex thread has you reminiscing a little too hard about your lady that got away

someone describe sex

>implying tic tacs can counter the pungent odor of curry

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Perhaps, and you're right she was a treacherous slimy fish, but memories persist.

Will cooking help me get laid? I've heard it's a sexy quality in men. Is it that simple? Are there certain dishes that are 'extra sexy"?

>not posting his best song

It's like a school exam except instead of learning useless shit by heart you hump a tupperware and if you suck at it you get laughed at for the rest of your life.

Cool, thanks

It's not that simple but it helps. Cook some chick some a good meal and she'll cream her panties if she's a real chick.
Some chicks do that to use guys to get free meals, so you have judge for yourself.

Too hollywood, that's not proper New York.

>Some chicks do that to use guys to get free meals, so you have judge for yourself.
What the heck? You going out with homeless chicks?

yeah, 90s billy was great
he's so goddamn consistent

No. I'm saying that some chicks, not all, use guys like we use them. This isn't flying saucers and lizard people level, this is stupid chicks.

i think he means modern white women
saying this unironically
a woman will respect you if can cook
but if she doesn't know how to cook, how can she really respect means in that capacity?