Healthy snacks

/r/ing junk food that's good for you or at least not just empty calories.

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What do these taste like? I assume they're not particularly sweet. Seaweedy?

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Ingredients are like, "whole wheat, sesame seeds, water, salt." And they're delicious and inexpensive.

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are there deenz flavored chips?
that retain omega 3s, are free of mercury, etc.?
i might have to gofundmyass a new company


Obviously nigga, I eat carrots and broccoli and spinach already


yeah, was thinking this, too. i think OP means snacks that you buy in a gas station that purport themselves to be healthy.


These are pretty good.
I used to have em as a kid.
Or some brand of them not sure if they are this specific one.

Put some cheese and deli meat on em and BAM, easy delicious lunch.

Junk food is, by definition, empty calories that aren't healthy.
Just snack on fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Problem solved.

string cheese

>healthy munchies
carrot/celery sticks dipped into cottage cheese
sardines on rice crackers

Those are like 99% similar to regular old potato chips. Less greasy, I guess.

this nigga just revealed my daily meal plan
this is literally all i eat
are you NSA? wtf the man?

>are you NSA?
No. But that doesn't mean I'm not watching you.

>calling shit 'veggie sticks'
>'oh man, these must be healthy'
>potato chips
>potatoes are fucking veggies
>oh-oh man, i should watch my sodium intake

You should need anything more than an apple or some strawberries or grapes to keep you going.
The primary purpose of snacks is to restore your blood sugar if it gets a little low before your next meal.
Snacking is the number 1 reason why people gain weight.
If you feel the need to snack you're probably not making your meals big enough.

>junk food that's good for you
If it was good for you it wouldn’t be junk food.

>Veggie Stix
Why do Americans talk like bloody infants?
Fucking embarassing.