Going to Boston for the next two weekends

Going to Boston for the next two weekends
Pls give suggestions on decent places to eat, budget is anything under $40.
Is Boston known for any specific type of food?

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get a cannoli from mike's pastries, then leave

Fresh seafood is always good, there's been a lot of new gourmet-type fast food joints with a big variety of foods if you're on a budget.
There's also a lot of nice upscale shit if you decide to fork over the money, which does pay out in quality. Drinks are overpriced everywhere.
Which areas are you going to hang around?

Uh, Boston baked beans, Boston cream pie, New England clam chowder

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Go across the bridge to Bunker Hill. There's a seafood restaurant called Mount Vernon where they really treat you right. The decor is dated by about 30 years, but the people have been working there for decades, and you can get two lobsters for $25.

The ramen scene is pretty good in bean town, I'd highly recommend Yume Wo Katare if you're ever in Cambridge.

Attending PAX, OP?

Sea Food
Legal seafood Harbor Side
The Daily Catch
Union Oyster House

New Shanghai
Sichaun Gourmet

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch
Stephanie's on Newbury

Kelly's Roast Beef


Mr. Bartley's Burger Bar
Lee’s Burger

In the north end they have a location in the south shore that take reservations also cash only
Mamma Maria
Pizzeria Regina
Mike’s pastries

Brazilian steakhouse
Fogo de Chao

Indian/Nepalese food
himalayan bistro

Jewish deli food
Zaftigs Delicatessen
Barry's deli

>In the north end they have a location in the south shore that take reservations also cash only
Meant to add the name Giacomo's

cream pie bearded clam chowder w/ bean sauce
so, basically, just go to a gang bang and snow blow the bitch?

>kelly's roast beef
is that by stacy's roast beff?

>pizzeria regina
My nigga

I second this ramen recommendation. be sure to finish your entire bowl and don't be shy about sharing your dreams.

Also if you're by Faneuil Hall and want some super comfy pub food check out The Tap Trailhouse.
Idk if you've been there recently or like in the past 20 years but the place is really outdated in terms of menu and the food is only okay. If you go here, then go for the fact that it's a nice bit of history but don't expect super high quality food.

What else is he going to order, Manhattan clam chowder? Fuck outta here ya queer.

>Attending PAX, OP?
Doing both Anime Boston and PAX

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Rhode Island clam chowder master race reporting in

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Rhode Island has the best New England food imo

>been here
the here i'm referring to is Union Oyster House btw

Agreed. Hot weiners, clam cakes, snail salad, party pizza... So many foods you can't find in any other state.

Well it is a neat place for the history.

Live just outside of Boston. HOLY FUCKING MEME TOURIST FOOD. Go to saugus on rt 1 and hit up Kowloon. Go to the north end and get into Mare or something. do not go to any of these mediocre places. PLEASE

> Kowloon
Now I know you are trolling


t. Andelmans


Dave and Dan pls go

I liked their radio show the tv show is like watching a car crash.

>We like pizza with a nice char
>Entire crust on one side is black and burnt to shit

I forget the name of the joint, it was by the aquarium, but I had the best French Onion soup in my life there. It was an upscale joint.

Other than that just go to Cape Cod and eat some swordfish bitch.

Ny system weiners. Mmmmm. Eat them 3 times for the price of 1