I have 25 lbs of sugar that I need to use within a week

I have 25 lbs of sugar that I need to use within a week.

What should I make with it?

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25 poundcakes

A bucket of sugar

why, dare i ask, do you have to use it within a week?

Why do you need to use 25 lbs of sugar in a week?

Go to your local middle school, blast pour some sugar on me on the loudspeaker and throw sugar in everyone's face.

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it has expiration date, friendo

>eating 25lbs of sugar in a week

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do this

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Fill your bathtub with water, put a couple of packets of brewer's yeast in there, dump all the sugar in, add flavorings. You now have a bathtub full of cheap (preferably flavored) sugarwine. Bottle and drink it when it tastes a good balance of sweet and alcoholic (watch out for exploding bottles)

Bake some cakes

Buy fruits. Make a lot of juice. Bottle and store it for later use.


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You can make a sugar face scrub

Alcohol lasts a lot longer and you can do a bunch of shit with it

pretty much this but make jam instead and have delicious jam for the next 2 years


sugar doesn't go bad dumbass

Yikes, I hate it when sugar expires.

If it doesn't expire then why does it have an expiration date?
Explain that shit.

Because companies are required to have an expiration date on their food products.

Regular white sugar lasts indefinately if stored properly.


because most countries have some stupid law that everything food has to have an expiration date. some things just don't expire, examples are salt, sugar and honey

funny sidenote: there is a barrel of silica (sand) in our lab, it expires in 2020... it's fucking sand


Make kompot

Expired sand can be very dangerous.

Same reason most pharmaceuticals have expirations dates; in order to fool people who didn't actually use something they bought into buying it a second time.

The most beneficial way to use it is throwing it in the garbage.

Couldnt he mix it with water and put it in humming bird feeders?


sugar doesn't expire you mong

What this guy said .
It is marketing they don't in fact have to put dates on certain products and take another look and see it if doesn't say best by, or sale by, those are scam marketing terms that don't matter.
The only things with dates that matter is shit like meat and dairy. And even then you can freeze that shit before the date and it is fine months later.