Sweet potato fries

wtf are you supposed to have with these Veeky Forums? I feel weird just eating them plain but no other topping feels right either. They seem more like a dessert than anything but I can't thin of any sweet topping or dip that would feel desserty.

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Mayonnaise or aioli

Ranch is good.

Or some type of dill sauce.

I like Mayo/Ketchup mixed , but will get shit on.

maple syrup

Dip em in maple syrup, you fuckface.

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jalapeno aioli or spicy mayo

Make a cinnamon whip cream. Goes great with sweet potato fries...but at the same time kind of turns it into a dessert.

A cinnamon sugar butter is what i think goes best.

Sweer potato fries, and sweer potato in general always seems like a better idea than it actually turns out to be. Stop trying to force yourself to like sweer potato. Admit to the fact that theyre not that good. Live a happier life.

Mayo mixed with maple syrup.

They're good with sriracha mayo.
>inb4 "reee sriracha"

I really like them with a squirt of lime
You can eat them with anything you would yams/sweet potato because that’s what it is stupid

I like them tossed in a mix of salt, garlic, cayenne, and brown sugar and served with aioli.

pretty much this.

spicy ketchup would probably be good, though.

A spicy ranch or a good ranch made with garlic and onion so it's not sweet work really well.

In Canada they're offered with chipotle mayo.

>whip cream
It's WHIPPED cream. As in cream that has been whipped. Not cream that comes from a whip.

Sriracha mayonnaise.