He unironically eats caged chicken

>he unironically eats caged chicken


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Hell yeah I do.

>keeps a pet parrot/dog/fish/reptile
>he drives a cage on wheels and thinks it gives him freedom

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>he lets his emotions decide what he eats

I only eat it ironically tyvm

>not caring what he puts in his body

It’s like you want me to think you’re obese.

I can drive from the ski resort to the beach in the same day. Try that on your bicycle

i would take the time to smell the roses at the ski resort and visit the beach another day

You'd better believe it, cage an all.

You mean another week

>Eating processed animal products willingly

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with your neetbux i'll take as long as i want. getting there is half the fun anyway.

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>spending weeks biking is actually fun and worthwhile, you c-corporate wage slave!
>free spirits like me aren't harmed by that bad juju

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>he unironically pays more for "free range" eggs

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>he eats eggs

>criticism of an omnivorous diet by posting Naga
You should have just posted Lina, who also repeatedly threatened and attempted to eat sentient beings..

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>free spirit
>addicted to lollywater
>stuck in a cage on wheels
i give up. stay lost in your corporate delusions.

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>he eats


Thats an awful lot of projection, there. Does help you stay in your mental bubble - er sorry, commune - of good feelings and bamboo bicycles?


Wew. I get all my chicken wrapped in plastic. Seems like getting it in a cage would be much fresher.



those chickens are for eggs btw

meat look like this

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