Unpopular opinions thread

>if you eat and enjoy any fruit based pastry, you can't say pineapple doesn't belong on pizza, pizza is essentially just another variety of pastry

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tomatos are fruits

>pizza is a pastry

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That's not even an opinion. Tomatoes being the best fruit is an opinion, and a very good one.

It aint no pie thats for sure

That's an unpopular opinion because that may be the most retarded thing I've read on Veeky Forums all day.
And that's quite a feat, because Veeky Forums is honestly one of the dumbest boards on Veeky Forums.

assmad faggots can't handle the truth

It's not pineapple on bread that's the issue, it's pineapple with cheese and tomato.

spaghetti is pastry

people have been eating pastry like apple pie with cheese for forever, I still fail to see how it's weird or doesn't belong.

Because people need to hate on something as a group. Nickelback isnt shit either and its super hip to hate on them

>Nickelback isnt shit either

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You're a dumbass.

American food culture is a boon to mankind because it saves an insane amount of time to do other things, money to use in other ways, and it takes an almost supernatural amount of incompetence to go hungry. The default nature of man is to spend most of their existence on how to accumulate food

Yet all little whiney faggots with no actual problems want to do is focus on how bad it is because of fatass outliers

I'm not him but nickelback gets a lot of hate when there are bands even shutter than them that get praise. Five finger death punch is an example.

Hating on Nickelback is such a base level opinion that needs not be stated, anyone doing so is out of the loop and therefore not hip.

I mean if your idea of "shit music" is "highly generic and commercial post-grunge alternative rock" then yeah, nickelback is shit, and a lot of people rightly think that way, but I would argue that their feelings on the band and its sound have a lot more to do with their popularity and a lot less to do with what they actually have on offer. Then the memes take over and now we have gotten to a point as a society where all you really have to know about nickelback is that liking it makes you a bad person with shitty white person normie taste. Doesn't help that the main guy is named Chad either


People who dont like classical pairings of fruit and meat are children.

Because apples and pineapples do not have the same taste, texture, consistency etc. Apple goes with sharp cheddar, pineapple does not go with pizza.

Lol based

I usually don’t have ham, cheese and tomato sauce in my strawberry pastry though