Can I make stock just fine with the bones alone? I don't wanna go crazy with flavor mixing

Can I make stock just fine with the bones alone? I don't wanna go crazy with flavor mixing.

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It really depends on why you want to make the stock

that’s called bone water my dude

Max nutrients nut without adding in other foods because I would eat those seperately.

It'll come out better if there's a little bit of meat left on the bones, but yeah, sure.
Say you had JUST bones, completely stripped clean somehow. The gelatin/marrow inside, that good shit, is going to be pretty lightly flavored. Not flavorless, but it's not going to taste very much like chicken.


Well that's fine. As long as it's good enough. Gelatin and marrow were what I was going for.

Just add some extra onions, carrots, and celery to it to boost up the flavor a little. Maybe a teaspoon of MSG if you have it.

No friggin' way. Especially to the MSG. Himalayan or bust.

Is there a difference between bone broth and broth? Or did someone just add an extra word to sound fancy and it caught on?

...But I might throw in the garlic/onions eventually.

>Especially to the MSG
Can you tell me why?
I'd prefer to know if you're just ignorant or an actual racist.

Bone broth would have all the gelatin and marrow stuff from the bones.

Oh gosh is that an acronym for something political now? I'm just trying to have a simple recovery in life.

But so does broth. Thats what makes it broth.

I dunno. You can synthetically replace most food items now because that is how America primarily does it. I'm just trying to make a simple meal addition without any of that.

Broth is not particularly gelatinous. You're thinking of stock. This distinction is exactly why the term "bone broth" is so stupid - because the word "stock" already exists.

I got stock and broth confused.

>Bone Broth
>Himalayan pink salt
I cant tell if youre an avant garde shitposter or a Karen from accounting

What is this "bone broth" shit? It makes my skin crawl, it's like those people from Wisconsin who say "real cheese" because to them, food is just assumed to be fake by default. Or flyovers who say "craft beer" or "specialty bread".

You think you're saying your food is high quality but what you're really doing is announcing what a disgusting trash person you are and what kinds of abominations you take for granted.

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American Gen X and Boomers saw a ton of common cooking practices fall out of the collective knowledge base due to having the instant version on hand. Millenials currently have aging hipsters and starving STEM failures relearning this stuff either because it tastes better or because the extra $3 for a package of stock can be made with the chicken carcass and the parts of vegetables you cut off. Stock is having its misnomer because the caveman diet, paleo, is getting big with retards who think milk is what ruined their atkins diet. A major part of it is making stock out of the bones of the excessive amounts of fresh meat the diet calls for, and some quack somewhere called it bome broth.

I saw that syria bullshit, well have this.
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