Could i eat only instant ramen for a long time (plus vitamins) and be kinda healthy?

Could i eat only instant ramen for a long time (plus vitamins) and be kinda healthy?
Would it actually be cheaper than buying real food?

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There’s a reason why Chinas childhood diabetes rate is higher than the US

shit like instant ramen

That and white rice is not nutritious at all, if you live a sedentary life you should avoid carbs that have little fiber.


No fiber, gain weight faster, feel hungry more often, have uncontrolled blood sugar levels.


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Shouldn't be a problem unless you only eat rice and no other vegetables

>if you live a sedentary life you should avoid carbs that have little fiber.

no, you should avoid fat. and fructose

That's general obesity specifically pointed out childhood obesity

up to three months would be okay but you might get sick if longer

Again, what?

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>japanese boys vs. girls


hm, still not the correct chart you dumb cunt

Nah man, too much fat

Do this:
Boil the water
Put the ramen in
Don't put the seasoning in
When it's ready filter it with a colander
You will see how greasy that water is

I know this ruins the ramen, it's just an experiment

That's what you asked for you dumb
I can't actually find a chart for that because of Google's algorithm by the way

I said child diabetes

>Comparing the Chinese data with data from the United States based on National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) results, the authors found that diabetes and inflammation rates were higher in the Chinese pediatric population than in the U.S. pediatric population or in other Asian countries. Researchers found 1.9 percent of Chinese children age 12-18 had diabetes, compared to 0.5 percent of children in the U.S. The study also found great disparity with respect to inflammation, a key cardiovascular risk factor; 12.1 percent of Chinese adolescents showed a high inflammation risk, compared to 8.5 percent of adolescents in the U.S.

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>Would it actually be cheaper than buying real food?
It is lazier. There are people who do feel some programs for weight loss arguably make it easy to portion and control a food budget (if overweight), but it's marginally true.

Vitamins are not a substitute for actual food. There are compounds like enzymes and different types of fiber and trace minerals not easily found in nutritional support. You'll see a multitude of issues in people who are on provided nutrition, not the least of which is muscle wasting, GI issues and depression.

You could consume instead many things that would be similar in price, but not sodium bombs. You could consume a lb box of noodles for 50 cents for nearly five or six portions of pasta for instance. A large jar of stock granules, and bottle of soy sauce is another couple of dollars. A bag of frozen mixed veggies. So, in all your love of ramen, the same damn thing is better for 1/5th the price. Literally add a tsp of chili oil to mock up the oil spray on those noodles.

Just alternate some week's poverty menus for variety. From a loaf of quality bread you can dole out of your freezer a couple of slices at a time to the toaster, to 12pks of chicken breasts you poach for chicken salad or to use in recipes like tacos with a basic salsa.

If you need to eat cheap don't waste money on vitamins.

And packs of ramen will keep you alive, but not healthy.

>Data by 2011
More updated data can probably reflect how instant noodles and such correlate against diabetes as Chinese people have been shifting away from instant noodles and caused bankruptcy of many of those manufacturers in recent years

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I eat bootleg lo mein a ton. Instant ramen with most but not all of the water drained out, mixed with the flavor packet, then I add cut up steak... I think I'm alive :p

Yes. Just like... Add something pls. At least a fucking a egg.