Quit wasting time and learn about the gods

Have you read your minimum of 20 pages a day yet, user? If so, why are you wasting time here?

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>minimum of
No such thing.

already read 50, will be reading more later

I average about 80 pages per day

takes two hours for me to read 20 pages cause I can't focus (I read more the second-half-hour than I do the other 1.5 hours)

I really like that illustration.

talking about nonfiction as-well
I barely read fiction

Delete this opinion



God bless.

>tfw tried to buy it but it's nowhere to be found in my town
Well, at least it's translated to my language. so i might get lucky someday. I can't proceed from greeks to romans, cause the book about the roman history, that i want to read isn't translated to my language, hence they don't sell it anywhere in my country.

Is ordering books not an option?

hey, it gets easier as you keep going. i started reading at my desk, in the same spot whenever i read, and putting my phone on the other side of my room, with an alarm for when i should finish reading (i normally allocate 60-90 minutes a session). no music or laptop near me or anything like that. with this done there is very little to distract me, and I'm able to read between 20-40 pages of non-fiction an hour depending on the density. i could not do this one year ago but doing it nearly every day has helped me better focus whilst reading and retain more information. keep going.

Is this the best book on Greek mythology?

As a compendium, introduction, and overview? I'd personally say so.

dude my freshman yer of hs my english teacher had this as an assigned read and always told us the 20 pages a day is that you Ray?

Do I need to learn the whole ancestors of each god?

I dunno, amazon doesn't deliver to my country, haven't found it anywhere else.


>delivers to Ukraine
>doesn't deliver to Russia
For fuck sake. What's the deal with all this shipping companies and my shithole of a country? It seems im doomed to ignorance.

In my country you can go into any bookshop and ask them if they can order you a book, that's what I did before we got Amazon here.

nah, there are a lot of names in greek mythology. The mythology ain't that important per se, you should pick a book that explains the possible historical causes to the myth.

Will do, thanks famalamadingdong.

That's what you get for not overthrowing Putin

Books r dum.

I reaaaaaaally wanted to get this book but on amazon it's not available in german... so I went whit this one. finished about 80 pages. I think I will continue now. Thx for this thread senpai

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>Thx for this thread senpai
Since when does it change f_am to s_enpai on this board??

I did

Make a sad story and post on reddit, probably one of them will ship books to you

Isn't the redition of Gustav Schwab standard in German?

Anno Hiroyukii 1

>once I really sit down to read I can read like crazy; get totally immersed in the work and burn through pages as though they were blank
>Can barely ever actually force myself to focus in the first place
What do

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