Summarize your novel in less than five minutes

Summarize your novel in less than five minutes.

>An FBI cryptographer has his consciousness replicated in the form of an AI before he dies. This recreation continues his career afterwards.

>His twin sister, who works as a big studio director in Hollywood, keeps in contact with him digitally. He's becoming more distant and she notices, but she refuses to consider her brother completely dead.

>They're forced to work in tandem when a nameless, zodiac-like, serial killer called starts preying on the dying streets of Hollywood, leaving notes denouncing technological innovation, threatening specific individuals, and worshipping the "Golden Age of Hollywood".

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Fine idea. Hope it's informative in a chatty way. If (you) haven't read West's The Day of the Locust, (you) should.

Neat. I’d read it.

> 1928, Hrvoje, a 18 year old croatian youngster,seeshis father crying over the murders of croatian politicians Pernar and Radic and wanting to learn more,meets a lawyer who makes him become more aware of his true identity.

> 1929, a year later, the Serbian king of Yugoslavia starts a dictatorship, the lawyer wants the protagonist to have a better future and takes him to Italy. His parents refuse to follow him because they want to stay in their homeland,even if they're in danger.

> 1932-1934, Hrvoje goes in Croatia to participate in an uprising. Two years later he participates in a plot to assassinate the serbian king in Marseilles.

>1941, after 12 years of fighting and struggles the dream of our protagonist comes true,his homeland is finally free and independent.

>1941-1945, Hrvoje fights for his dream and for the freedom of his people. He tragically fails, and escapes in Argentina. From there he,inspired by the man who "awoke" him,decided to still keep fighting.

>1995, 50 years later,his country regains its freedom and this time the dramatic epilogue is different. Hrvoje comes back to his homeland and visits the grave of his parents,killed by Communists during the war. As he's in mourning, his lawyer friend appears behind him and asks him if he's ready. The book ends with Hrvoje saying "Yes, Croatia is finally free again,now it is time for the new generation to be ready for the Homeland." and falling to the ground with a smile on his face.

>Pediatrician in a small town has a strange case where a young boy has spontaneously developed a hysteria induced catatonia.
>Little brother of the boy tells doctor it all started when he and his brother found something. Explains they were exploring in the woods behind their house and found an entirely white tree.
>Story from there follows a dual narrative of the younger brother and doctor as they both try to go on with their lives. Meanwhile every tree in the forest turns white, along with the fallen leaves, the grass, the rocks, etc.
>The white starts to take over the town in an almost sentient manner, and when people can’t tell where what starts and what begins, their brains start to fill in the blanks, causing hallucinations.

> writing fiction

go yourself fuck bosniak mudslim children fucker
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There is no """""croatians"""", all are serbians or turk rapist traitors

A group of young scientists need to help a supercomputer take over the world before mankind kills itself.

Milosevic and his fascist thugs raped and murdered as many people as the Croats did

>genre fiction
>post-apocalyptic world after an evil orange-haired dictator called Chido Moss Olini blew up the world in a fit of narcissistic rage
>protagonist is a young woman
>in this world, the currency is popular cultural artifacts from pre-apocalypse, such as DVD's and video games
>evil oligarch is hoarding this artefacts, leaving everyone else with very little
>protagonist goes on an adventure to recover the lost servers of inter-flix and Stream, a movie/tv-show streaming service and games service respectively, so that everyone can have unlimited popular culture/currency
>evil oligarch tries to thwart her with the help of his Death-Dealers, who are very bad guys, basically nazis who believe that young people should be oppressed and serve the oligarch

Working title is Culturehunter.

>go yourself fuck
>should of
>There is no """""croatians""""

Oh my how barbarous.

Everyone knows that Charles Manson was not able to make Helter Skelter happen. What my book assumes is maybe he did?

What happened to the Beatles in this universe?

Well Lennon's assasination still happens. Pretty much every thing is the same.

>college buddies discuss video games, arguing which games are best, and who's a better player
>"whatever, bro, I'm better at life"
>"woah, what if life's a game, dude"
>"hey, let's beat this game together, man"
>goes on to conquer the world slowly and efficiently

Is this a summary thread?
I have a slightly related post.
Check out how bad the synopsis' for these kids books are

current year, bro. Current year. Nameen? Lit.

Like...five minutes of typing?

Is the book written like this? If so I genuinely want to get my hands on a copy.

Type something up as fast as you can, if you spend more than five minutes thinking you've failed.

I remember the books being breddy gud as a child but these summaries... holy fuck, man.

the actual wiki for the series is even worse. It's like babbys first summary. Sorry if this is off topic I didn't want to start a whole thread.

>gay niche erotica
>like ddlb niche
>one of them is batshit fucking insane. they're also the pov character and an unreliable narrator
>both protagonists are serial killers but that is only skimmed over/hinted at/never explicitly stated, it's just a hidden subplot because erotica bores me to tears so i'm throwing hints at them being more than it appears on the surface to keep myself amused
>they kill people all sorts of creative ways but always take one of their teeth with a pair of pliers as a "trophy"

... You asked.

My last novel was completely clean, with not even a swear word, and featured a werewolf detective cursed into the shape of a wolf forever by an angry god solving a series of ritualistic murders and it turned out to be the diabetic old grandma who lived on the corner and gave him cookies, who was trying to become the next Baba Yaga and bring magic back.