Tfw could potentially be the greatest philosopher of this generation but my thoughts are too complex to coherently turn...

>tfw could potentially be the greatest philosopher of this generation but my thoughts are too complex to coherently turn into words

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sounds like you’re a self-aggrandizing tardo to me

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> Implying philosophers coherently turn their thoughts into words

Give an example, even if it's horribly incoherent and vague.

If you can't put it into words then it isn't thought.

'Muh feels' are no basis for philosophy.

unless you've solved the hard problem of consciousness you've got nothing kid

Ive solved it.

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You could still become the greatest mathematician of our time.

It doesn't really seem possible that language could precede thought, since one would have to think in order to create a language. Some thoughts even after language can't be put into words exactly, like a symphony. You could describe the feeling you get when listening to it, but you can't translate the music directly into verbal language.

But it is true that "what can be said at all can be said clearly."

>average Veeky Forums poster

solved it when I was 22 get on my level

not as long as that cave dwelling hermit perelman still exists

I thought I did one time, but it turned out I was just schizophrenic

pleb tier answer

Verbal IQ too low to coherently express your own brainlet status

>not Trinity

There are 3 things


there's only one thing. the one.

this is funny OP but Wilfrid Sellars actually had this problem and the only way he found to remedy it was to write for 10 hours every single no matter the quality that he produced. It ended up being really dang good.

Language is a vessel for meaning and emotion. If there was no language, there would still be communication. Look to babies and animals for all the evidence you need.
>inb4 dogs speak dog

What did your schizophrenia told you about it?

How can conciousness be a problem if I'm doing it right now, kiddo?

Ayy me too, what’s you’re theory?
Mine is that consciousness an absence of some “hypothought”. The hyper thought is unconsciousness. Basically, consciousness is a missing piece in a puzzle, that puzzle being matter. The absence is a neural absence, like all absences a neural absence must be filled by something. We fill it with sense experience. As I write this more I realize how bogus it is but I’d like to hear another psychotics viewpoint.

I was really hopeful gnostics were a thing of the past.