Was he wrong about anything?

was he wrong about anything?

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>post-modernism is bad!
>has a post-modernist look on life


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>>has a post-modernist look on life

wus dis nigga

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His psych stuff is generally good.

His knowledge of post-modernism can be written on the head of a pin.

He's the epitome of a hack.


I've come to realize that he's right about more or less everything, but for literally purely retarded reasons. Im not sure if he is genuine or if hes just trying to be accessible.

Watch his Maps of Meaning series along with his book, but make sure to read all the materials he references and understand them.


He's to young right-wingers what the human potential movement was to the hippies.

Nothing he says is revolutionary, and he knows this and brings it up constantly. He is a very good complier of much more abstract ideas. Maps of Meaning is Amazing IMHO, the self help stuff is were the money is at and were the reddit tier fanboys come from.

Pray tell, would these mice love their utopia? Would they have an outlook outside of it?

>le mice utopia meme
opinion descarted

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He literally claims that reals aren't real unless I like the results

What opinion?

Not an argument

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Tell me, what aspects of reality are not included in it?

he doesn't understand the definition of postmodernism, also he wrote 2 self help books so he can suck it

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That God is real not because he actually exists but because he doesn't like what happens if we don't believe he exists.
I'm not even an atheist but this is retarded and totally a post-modern approach to truth

hes spat out some awful word soups here and there and the costant ragging on post modernism is grating but mostly i think hes a force of good and im glad hes popular. i dont think hes said anything worth hating him over.

>That God is real not because he actually exists but because he doesn't like what happens if we don't believe he exists.
To me it sounds like God is inescapable, even in the pits of reductionist hell.

I don't think he's a bad guy either but he's not worth all the head he's getting

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Is this true? Because if it's true that's literally Vattimo's believing in believing


For someone who's supposedly so against radical movements, he sure doesn't seem to mind being a posterboy for the alt-right

Yeah, watch his Sam Harris interview

Was he right about anything?

I've been avoiding interacting with his fanbase because I genuinely like what he's doing, and I don't want them to ruin it. The most common criticism seems to be that he doesn't know what post-mordenism. Can anyone give me resources to better understand it? Everything I've researched into so far seems to confirm what he says it is.

You can very much just exist in hell. It may not be pleasant but it has zero bearings on reality

I really liked him at first. his first appearance on jre was great and inspired me to start reading again with dostoyevsky and jung.

its been years since then and hes become a sell out and broken record but i cant blame him.
if you actually check out some alt right communities they hate him now. mostly because he denies any kind of jewish conspiracy/nepotism and instead claims jews are just smarter and more competent.

He's so dull and orthodox

>if you actually check out some alt right communities they hate him now

Are you a redditor? There are no single alt-right communities

If he manages to stop spergs acting like manchildren I'm pro him.

He actively encourages it

are you retarded? ever heard of stormfront or trs? theres many sites for those types. the guy i responded to was probably just conflating alt right with anti immigration conservatives anyway

This. He's a guide to a western culture we all know exists but lost touch of. It only feels retarded because our society needs a very frank retarded sit-down. If you're a brainlet or a bigbrain it might come off wrong. Of course he has some antiquated positions and ideas, but his message has more to do with reviving our own culture than doing something specific that he wants.

>Be tenured professor at prestigious college
>Have doctorates
>taught at Harvard
>appear on local access channel
>most views they've ever had
>start uploading lectures onto youtube
>notice huge spike in views when talking about manning up
>realize there's an entire untapped market of beta males
>get into public eye by telling entitled teenagers to fuck off
>decide best way to spend midlife crisis is to rustle jimmies since don't have to worry about getting fired
>notice huge rise in right wing views on the internet
>start pissing off communists and feminist
>popularity explodes
>health starts failing
>switch to a self help crusade to rake in dough
>know that redditors wanting to be channers are the most passionate vocal demographic
>start talking about pepe
>start talking about Richard Dawkins and memes
>start broadcasting to "kek boys"
>release personality test for purchase
>start lecture series on bible because christ cucks throw away money
>write self help book
>become a broken record saying the same things podcast after podcast
>MFW I'm making money by being a grumpy old man telling kids to fuck off
>MFW I have a small army of the most cancerous group of people outside of tumblr at my beckoning
>MFW I'm making more than I could ever dream teaching in Canada

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Do people think Jordan Peterson is trying to teach people how to take care of themselves and their community for some secret malicious gain? Would you be happy if he was some kind of saint that lived broke on the side of the street?

Mr Peterson.

He did and he is NOT a fan to say the least. Called him some kind of evil clown.


>ever heard of stormfront or trs?

These people existed decades before the term alt-right ever existed. They're not alt-right unless you're just using the term as a stand in for any reactionary with an email

>He did

the people who hate person are just mad that a gentile was able to crack the bestseller list

Does he cite any of his work in his book?

Not at all, i think he is extremely beneficial in the larger picture. I just think Maps of Meaning is much better than anything he's done lately. The bible series is interesting, but his interviews have become extremely repetitive, and from the data he's mentioned on his authoring program, that's all the self help needed. It's pretty obvious this 12 Rules book is more so a cash grab.

I don't think he's genuinely malicious, but it's pretty clear he's on some sort of ego trip at the moment

He doesn't actually claim that. He makes a distinction between material facts, and moral truths, and contrary to many today, he places moral truths as a higher order of truth than material facts. He is not saying that real things aren't real unless they suit his desire, but rather that if our understanding of reality does not help us live, it cannot be considered true. This does not challenge the material necessity of any particular fact, but rather introduces a loose moral direction to help untangle the endless relativity of post-modernism.

currentaffairs.org/2018/03/the-intellectual-we-deserve Yes, about everything

Oh, that's a shame. I took a distancing break after Maps of Meaning to clear hype and avoid getting wrapped up in the memes, seems that was the end anyways. It was a really condensed expose of his ideas because he spent so long putting his Maps of Meaning book together.

So when did you grow out of Peterson, user?

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>Everything I've researched into so far seems to confirm what he says it is.
How many books have you read on the subject

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The neckbeard is a nice touch.

I think the Viewpoint piece is better, but this is still good.