ITT: the most fucked up thing you've ever read

ITT: the most fucked up thing you've ever read.

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Apparently people fainted when Chuck Palahniuk read "guts".

>Hold your breath while I distract you

this was kinda gross

the FPS where the medic pulls a guys foot off like a fucking sock.

people faint for the weirdest fucking reasons. Legend has it that the first time someone painted a picture with depth, people kept fainting in front of it.

What's sad is that it's happening for real somewhere right now.

I know for sure someone fainted when the cinema was just invented and they showed a projection of a train coming towards the camera.

I've always found this story funny t.b.h

Exactly. People can shout "fake" however much they want, shit like this happens all the time. Want a real documented example of torture?

Here you go

Imagine all the fucked up things happening in the infinite universes. If you can imagine it, it's happened...

The absolute worst thing that has ever happened to anyone -- and I doubt even the most sadistic person's imagination can't top this -- is the 44-day period that Junko Furuta, a Japanese teenage girl, had to suffer through before her death.

Pic related, highlights; tip of the iceberg.

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The story of genie. Strapped to a toilet seat for 13 years.

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God yes. The fact that 3 of them only got 8 years and one got off scott free made me fucking racist against japanese people. I mean, not a lot, but I just can't enjoy anything japanese anymore without thinking about how socially fucked up they are. The asian countries in general. They've got a mirror shard in their eye.

Dude, the Japanese people were outside protesting about the sentences. Also their prison terms were extended.

The thing is, cases involving minors always turn out like this. The two boys who sexually assault and murdered James Bulger are now living freely under constant police protection despite being known paedophiles and despite the public uproar.

>atrocious slaughter of hundreds of thousands of chinese civilians during the occupation of china doesn't spoil his love of overly sexualized cartoons for pedos
>handful of sicko japs torture jap teen
>now he can't watch the pedo cartoons anymore


during the nanjing massacre japs would pour gasoline into chicks pussies and light it on fire, they are sick sick people, how is it that the germans have been grovelling with no dignity for the last two generations but the japs never even apoligized

This is it.

not quite. one of them is back in prison

Yeah, I guess. It's just hard to stomach that anybody could do that to somebody else, especially kids.

I'm against capital punishment, but you really have to wonder how the fuck a person could be so fucking kaputt from the get go to do that to a person. Like, I understand, a kid kills a kid. Awful, but they don't have the context about death. Rape someone, burn someone, stab someone, it's all awful, but you can understand somewhere- curiosity, no morals, it's bound to happen at some point.

But to sit there and listen to someone scream while you torture them for days and days? How does a person not feel anything about it and keep going? After she begs to be killed?

it's more like that put it into perspective, suddenly. I avoid all kinds of war lit, because I can't deal with it. I can't deal with a lot. I'm kind of a pussy, I guess.

This just makes me feel real sad. How do you just happen to meet a couple other people who are into this shit.

>But to sit there and listen to someone scream while you torture them for days and days?
The "scientific" answer is that genetic mutations lead to all sorts of weird fucked up disorders - they were obviously lacking empathy and were suffering from sadism i.e. they were psychopaths. It's actually better to think about it this way, because instead of feeling hatred and disgust at our species, you understand that it's the inevitable result of the evolutionary process.

I admit, however, that it's hard to think about such cases in a cold and distant manner like I suggested: reading the story evoked such strong emotions in me that it elicited a physical reaction - raised heartbeat, trembling hands... I agree entirely that capital punishment is the only sane thing to do in cases like these, and I don't mean that in a vindictive way; it makes no sense to keep these people alive.

I've thought about this and I get the feeling that if you have two psychopaths in one classroom, they might actually gravitate towards each other. Maybe a few passing remarks are made and the two can identify each other as possible "accomplices" to fulfil their own fantasies.

> by pussymonster
Some of the post on this site are pretty fucked up

how is a detailed record of her physiological state possible? Were there doctors there monitoring the torture?

Testimonies of perpetrators under separate interrogations, if they both said she had her clit burned off with a candle, unless they were conspiring and had discussed it beforehand (which makes no sense in this case), it is very likely they actually did all that. Also, the body was retrieved and the autopsy could reveal a lot of the injuries. Don't forget there were 100 other witnesses with whom to piece together the story. The Yakuza and associates knew about the girl, and so did most of the neighbourhood, but they were afraid to report it to the police.

my diary desu

My maternal grandmother is from Okinawa. She was a child in the closing years of WWII. She fucking hates the japs for what they did to Okinawans during WWII. She unironically thanks God that the US dropped nukes. In terms of completely debased and depraved behavior, the Japs are in a whole other class.

That reminds me. I can't post the image here because it's not SFW but Google "Hisashi Ouchi". Radiation victim kept alive by Jap doctors for 88 days of hell.

This thread does not look good on Japan I gotta say.

I haven't seen this in years

Not gonna read it again but is this the one with the Loli torso slaves or the one with the breaking a toddlers jaw with his dick one? Both are peak "that's enough internet for today"

>The Yakuza and associates knew about the girl, and so did most of the neighbourhood, but they were afraid to report it to the police.
this makes me want to die just for being the same species as these people. why the fuck am I even on this site again

>one of the most painful experiences in human history
>named Ouchi
did pynchon write our timeline

Because japs make stuff that the Western world likes to jerk off to

>After being treated for a week, Ouchi managed to say, “I can’t take it any more… I am not a guinea pig”
at one point they had his brother donate all of the skin on his back in an attempt to save him (didn't work obviously lol)
they had completely fucked up practices and standards at their nuclear sites and tokaimura didn't have a single ncs engineer (the people who stop this from happening) on staff

holy christ.

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Does anyone have the one about the CP cybercop with the transcription of pedophile chatroom logs?

So many stories similar to this all around the world. Puts me on edge if I hear something weird in a suburban neighbourhood. What if?

>its the inevitable result of Gnon
wow you guys have an intelligent world view

Hey did you know that asian elites do this kind of stuff for fun in their free time all year long and that Eastern european oligarchs were routinely raping and torturing kids to death on film in the late 90’s and that Prince Bernhard was directly implicated in a pedophile ring in belgium that was doing things just like this as was Lord Andrew, Leon Britton, Cerile Smith, Ted Heath and a series of British businessmen? Did you know that this has been common for elites since at least the 1600’s? Weird huh?

I don't understand. It was just 70 years ago. Humans haven't changed since then. We are just slowly creeping into another huge war that will open up opportunities for stuff like this again. WIll it ever end? I don't think so.

I’ve seen and read fuck nugget stuff before

there’s more fucked up things than pic related in OP, the elites eat kids sometimes alive, sometimes just their organs, will drain them of their blood, torture them for days and then rape them to death. Its all passé to them

...for other child abuse crimes

saw some screencaps of a "pozzing" forum on /b/ once, anyone have them?


I know it's a documentary, but it made me so physically disgusted i couldn't watch the last thirty minutes. There's a scene where a girl describes how when first seeing another girl being raped all she could think of were wedding dresses, and it's ridiculously grotesque:

How does that remotely contradict the notion that this behavior is the result of genetic mutations?

Any literature about these people in positions of power and wealth and this pattern of behavior?

It was a hoax. No legit cases.

Reminder that japan actually casted a cannibal to play himself in a movie.

What's pozzing?

Lee Kuan Yew had remarked how before ww2 everyone was impressed by how polite and cordial the japanese were, just to be horrified by the depravity of the things they did when the war broke out. To this day governments in asia regard japan suspiciously, and south korea refuses to share intelligence with them despite the common threats of north korea and japan.

isgp studies and david icke (ignore the new age and repto shit)

I mean north korea and china.

high fitness leaders should not be exhibiting group fitness depressing behaviors on an industrial scale

hi, /x/

its all true and the metro police destroyed thousands of pages of evidence and about a dozen people connected to Dutrox were killed at the end of the investigation HRC also killed Seth Rich and Trump’s mentor was part of an ultra right pedo blackmail ring with J Edgar Hoover and McCarthy. Nixon whistleblew Bohemian Grove as a homosexual men’s club

Hi, /pol/

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Fake but fucking kek

Fritz Krupp, a series of SS generals, one of the Counts of Hesse and a number of Wemacht Gernerals were all pedophiles and fucked Jewish and Polish children on the Eastern front and in their Castles in Germany. Its an open secret that the Rothschild mansions are used for pedophile torture orgies

Supposedly a fetish in the gay community for infecting someone with HIV by poking holes in condoms or rape.

woops wrong pic lmao, here u go

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in 2000 russian media covered up a massive eastern european pedophile torture ring which had evidence linking Russian and Slavic along with central european businessmen, government officials and military officers to these atrocities, Putin had it taken put of the media. Similarly the Kaiser banned all German media coverage of Fritz Krupp being a pedophile and he killed himself in shame the year it was broken in the european press

Its worth noting that the boy’s home scandal implicated Prince Charles as well as the Rothschilds who at the time owned Reuters and AP, along with obviously Charles and Andrew being precious to the British establishment’s public image

In China its common practice for elites to eat human organs, drink blood and keep sex slaves. In fact the Saudis and Israelis are so well known for human trafficking and sex slavery that the CIA will stock up elite meetings and conference cities with slaves and sacrifices before they arrive. Saudi Arabians know perfectly well how debauched their elite are but are so terrified of the mafia networks that control the country and the intel agencies that no one would dare breath a word. its rumored that Turk bin Faisal Al Saud is a mass murdering cannibal pedophile and that he helped plan 9/11 with George Bush Sr and Daniel D’Anniello

you forget the templars, son.
never forget the templars.

She could just have bitten off her tongue and be done with it.

idk how anyone who grew up on the internet can find anything edgy. Like there is just nothing left you can read or see online that can be shocking. irl is a different story of course, but online i dont get it

the Knights of Malta are basically the Templars and are also involved in pedo networks and intelligence circles to a point of almost absurdity if one looks at the sheer volume of spooks and spook associated businessmen and officials who are inducted
i gagged reading the loli slave doll story and gagged reading worse shit about elite pedo murder circles doing significantly worse things to kids and adults

what does ouchi mean? Big outside or something? trying to remember judo terminolgy from years ago (ouchi gari for example.)

horrific story.

The funniest part of this story is that all the kids who did this are free now.

>OUCH! My feet.

but there's just nothing left is there? I mean once you've seen somebody describing baby rape and mutiliating a body I dont see where there is to go

a person can only experience so much pain and it is quite easy to get them to that level, everything else is just window dressing

and the freemasons.
oh god don't get me started on those little shits.

What is the Franklin Coverup? The Dutrox Affair? Epstein's Lolita Express? Jimmy Seville? Pedowood? The Finders Cult? Why is every attempt to even discuss or bring up these confirmed pedo rings and elite pedophiles always met with outcries of conspiracy? Or the fact that any time a story like those mentioned above hits the press it goes almost completely unnoticed and very rarely discussed?

Elite pedophile rings DO exist. Outright denying their existence when plenty of evidence exists to prove otherwise is willingly remaining ignorant because it makes you uncomfortable.

ah i totally missed that. haha

is this the one where he cuts the arms, legs and chords?

It's evil.

fake as fuck but imagine writing something like that

good god

What Happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Shriners are the worst, they run children’s hospitals and charities, intertwine with police chiefs and military officers extensively. Rabbis and Catholic Church notorious protected pedophiles that the Caths and Jewish community refuse to deal with
Boy’s home scandal, Eastern Euro pedo scandals, East Asian elite pedo scandals, Israeli businessmen friends of netanyahu, Peter Madelson friend of Rothschilds being a pedophile, Barnie Frank and other democrats as well as elite RNC people, Sheldon Adelson’s casinos and Trump’s hotel mar-a-lago used for underage female prostitution rings and mafia human trafficking. Pedo blackmail rings the CIA’s right wing ran throughout the mid-20th century, Mossad snuff rings entrapping Arab oligarchs, Saudi harems filled with ladyboys and young girls from Eastern europe, South American snuff industry, Kubrick whistleblowing elite human trafficking of military and lesser elite children to hyper elites in EWS and of course the accusations against Meyer for the Wizard of Oz rape, the accusations against Charie Sheen by Feldman, the accusations against Krupp and the SS generals on the eastern front, the mass rape of children in SE Asia by US death squads and so on. Its really tiresome at a certain point tallying up how evil these people are

hope you guys like some hellsauce, this schizo document is over 10,000 pages long

You forgot the link faggot. site/start/evokation/the_evocation_first.htm

People don't want to think about it. Sometimes, they just cant. Even the good folk of Veeky Forums. They have mental blocks when it comes to this kind of thing and cannot process it.

Yes, children are being kidnapped, enslaved, raped, tortured, sacrificed and even cannibalized on a mass scale, every day. You and others like you can process this and be rightly outraged. For many other people, they will just dismiss it anyway they can. They can even be presented with the proof and will only stare at it blankly.

It will take a mass awakening on a large scale to truly combat this. Until then, they get away it.


I thought I knew where it was going and I guessed it but then it got even better than that.

>The absolute worst thing that has ever happened to anyone
Definitely one of the worst but THE worst?
I got to give it to this Hisashi Ouchi.
>Ouchi is considered the first fatality of his kind in Japan, perhaps the only person to ever receive such a huge amount of radiation in such a short amount of time. The amount of radioactive energy that he was exposed to is thought to be equivalent to that at the hypocenter of Hiroshima atomic bombing. The immensity of radiation completely destroyed his body, including his DNA and immune system. According to the book A Slow Death: 83 Days of Radiation Sickness, “[N]one of Ouchi’s chromosomes could be identified or arranged in order.”

>What was cruel was that, he was resuscitated on the 59th day when his heart stopped three times within a period of 49 minutes, despite wishing not to be let to suffer.

>As his condition worsened, he was transferred to University of Tokyo Hospital and, reportedly, underwent the world’s first transfusion of peripheral stem cells. He was also given many blood transfusions, fluids, and medicine that wasn’t even available in Japan yet. He also had to undergo several skin transplants which couldn’t help the loss of fluids through pores. After being treated for a week, Ouchi managed to say, “I can’t take it any more… I am not a guinea pig”. However, the doctors kept treating him and taking measures to keep him alive, which only ensured a very slow and very painful death.

>After 83 days of struggle, Ouchi died of multiple organ failure on December 21, 1999.

Three's an article with pictures online if you're interested.

And knowing all that they still gamble with kid's life by bringing them into this world.

>tfw knew what this was from the thumbnail

I believe this but I just feel nothing about it. What does this mean, is it some sort of defense mechanism

I'm not saying this isn't fucked up, but there are so many hentai authors that rehashed this bullshit (pretty mainstream ones too) that I have a real hard time feeling any shock.

Can you drop injecting your antinatal autism into any bad thing for one moment?

>Approximately 100 people knew about Junko Furuta’s captivity, but either did nothing about it or themselves participated in the torture and murder.

Its going to take someone sacrificing their life like Seth did but probably a worse fate than he suffered, and then members of the public being willing to bombard social media with evidence. If Putin did not control wikileaks and if the alt-right wasn’t totally controlled by elite rw deep state people, we would’ve charged HRC and Podesta for treason, Trump and his cohort would be in jail, Bush would be in jail and we’d cut off all aid to Israel and SA, China would have a revolution when they realized their elites are eating people for fun. im really disappointed, we almost had it with the boy’s home investigations and the metro police were allowed to shred half the evidence and silence dissent through the press. They got away with rigging an election and running two pedo connected candidates. If you read the story about Epstein and Trump its disgusting how blatantly the witness lied, he said Trump ate all his meals in the Kitchen which is the most bizarre thing i’ve ever heard and certainly not what someone would do if they were uncomfortable with underage girls being offered to them, which if one looks at trump’s history, is simply not in character for him. So, they are allowed to lie, to pressure witnesses, to murder whistleblowers, “good” people like Assange get blackmailed (rape accusation) and bought out, good movements “truth movement” get subverted by feds and turned into political machines and all the while these people kill more kids, deal more drugs, steal more wealth. Stephen Schwartzman and Gary Cohn were put in charge of economic policy. Wilbur Ross, who worked for the Rothschilds before saving Resorts International, which was a Rothschild partially owned business ran by James Crosby who was a CIA front man and mafia front man, which was Trump’s hotel chain, is the head of commerce, Mnuchin who was involved with the 2008 crash is in charge of the treasury, a CIA spook is in the state dept for the first time in US history and elite neocon John Bolton is the NSC. Things are going to get uglier before they improve. The fact that Podesta and people like James Woolesy were so close to the two candidates should tell you how bold they’ve become.

Remember Omar Mateen was known about, the Boston Bombers were contacted by feds, Muhammad Atta was hanging out with Hilliard who ran coke for the contras, remember the head of Paki Intelligence who was a heroin lord, was meeting with Porter Goss and another elite spook in DC the morning of the 9/11 attacks and that he wired 100k to muhammad atta, remember that elite Zionists and deep state people owned all the floors that were “hit” that day, and that building 7 came down from a fire on the opposite side of the building from where it was “hit by debris”

You seem to imply that it takes a conspiracy for creeps to get their rocks off. There are countries where these things aren't policed.

> a person could be so fucking kaputt from the get go to do that to a person.
Those people who did those terrible things where after all regular people (it wasnt just a minority of the army).

First you cant do that, but after you done that a few times it just becomes another routine.
First you do it because everyone else is doing it and you dont want to be a pussy before your comrades and also you have to do it (you are training on captives not on ragdolls).
After some time you dont feel a thing when you look at the person as something with a value less than a pig.

Read some accounts from the Japs at Nanking (Chang - Rape of Nankin), they are much better at describing the process of "degradation" than the Nazis (but the process is very similar).


no im implying that elites do this and that there are networks of these people in most countries who protect this behavior and that torturing, eating and raping kids and young people to get high isn’t normal nor is it likely due to evo psyche and evo bio yet it is real, it is happening constantly and it goes all the way up to the highest levels of human society. Something is amiss

most of the mentioned incidents happened in Northwestern europe and america, japan and China where its heavily policed among the public


>Elites do this

Why elites? Which elites? How do you know? Of course there are criminals in every level of society; but why do you imply it has to be a conspiring group of powerful people? Hardly takes a genius to commit a crime like that, which is evident if you read about the Dutrox affair.

My guess is you don't have children or aren't an uncle/aunt?

because they control intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The elites i named in the thread and on ISGP. Anyone associated with Jacob Rothschild, Epstein, Dutrox affair, House of Saud
ISGP is all sourced endlessly, Icke’s research is all sourced besides the obvious disinformation

i know because Fritz Krupp and Prince Andrew got caught doing it as did Ted Heath and Cyril Smith, Leon Brittan (who conveniently died before the investigation wrapped up) and a litany of Eastern european mafia connected oligarchs. Military academy pedo scandals, people being killed when they name names, whole groups of witnesses changing stories, press blackout