What are you reading these days?

doesnt need to be a specific book, but could be a topic, genre, timeperiod, etc.

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I've been reading nothing but POW diaries for several weeks. Whether they escape or not, it's always a great survival story.

Re-reading some russian classics to get me through some shitty personal life troubles.
So far Dostoiewski's characters feel like each give a pep talk.

> Dostoiewski's

I wish I could nuke this world.

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Anyone have the webm for this gif?

Norton Critical KJV, a bit of Plato, short story anthologies, etc.

reading the traditionalists. interesting take after reading modern analytic philosophy

Short stories by H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dostoevsky.

I'm about a third of the way done with, "The Fever: How Malaria Ruled Mankind For 500,000 Years" or something relatively close to that full title. It's really great and it shows just how much Malaria impacted history throughout the entire world. I'm also reading two fantasy books, because I was looking for something to new to try and my friend gave me two recommendations. "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King" which is actually just completely abhorrent and the other one, "Felix and Gotrek: Trollslayer" which I'm actually enjoying.

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Me and my daughter are reading John Green together :)

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Just finished reading War and Peace. Fuck Part 2 of the Epilogue honestly
Going to start War and War now.

Unironically, that would be nice.


I assume it's the Polish spelling or something. In my country it's written Dostojevskij. I hope you realize that the English romanized version is just an equally arbitrary approximation of the original spelling in Cyrillic.

Enjoying it so far, very funny.

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Tristram Shandy... author's the kind of writer that needs a lot of words to say very little. Very tiresome read.

Sci fi and classic novels I have not red.

like anyone gives a fuck about an alphabet used by steppe peasants.

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I'm currently reading 'The Savage Detectives' and I'm loving it so much.

I've also started reading like five books in the last month or so, and I hope to finish them soon. Those are:

>Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
>Norwegian Blues (pretty comfy, but I'm fucking sick of Reiko)
>DFW's bio (Every love story is a ghost story, or something like that).
>Some Bataille I didn't enjoy, so I guess I'll just drop

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It's not even bait lol. I mean that.

You know, you don't need to try to be as edgy as possible to fit in here.
Maybe /b/ or /pol/ is more your style.

Is his pic supposed to imply he flushed the book down the toilet?

>Norwegian Blues
Are there any translations of Henriksen's stuff out there? A google search just brought back a bunch of gobbledygook

edginess is negated by sincerity.

Things Fall Apart by Achebe, Knowledge and Decisions by Sowell, Discourses of Epictetus and the Azumanga omnibus.


Ignorant anglo. pathetic

The Greeks, obviously.

People are reading Culture of Critique

Got Pale Fire today, will probably finish it tomorrow. I read the poem first, now I'm gonna go through the notes + the poem, that's the right way I assume.


Oh, I meant Norwegian Wood, I am so sorry. The spanish translation's name is 'Tokio Blues: Norwegian Blues'. I accidentally mixed the name

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>Tokio Blues: Norwegian Blues