What is the most offensive word?

What is the most offensive word?

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>What is the most offensive word?
To whom?

I'll love you whoever you are.






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>I'll love you whoever you are.
>be me
>be with friend in grocery store
>friend orders whole chicken from prepared food area
>I'm sorry we don't have any more whole chickens - I'll have to make it from parts
>No problem
>a minute goes by
>I'm sorry - I don't have any breasts
>that's OK - I love you just the way you are


N - slur
T - slur

Motherfuck as a noun


i miss bess

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podey dipe-hole

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My friends and I really use it to curse. Calling each other a meme is considered offensive and worth an apology.

perro caca



You and your friends sound like stupid faggots

Edgy. Thats another thing we say each other.

they sound like they are too young to post here, so take it easy fuckface

daaaaaaammmmmn broooooo that's so deeeeep. like especially when we don't capitalize any letters daaaaaaaaaamn

You going to make me destiny's child?




Calling a woman a "stupid gash" will silence an entire room and drive her out in tears, especially if she is, indeed, a stupid gash.

It's the trump card of assholery


what's your name?

t. Is a fat pussy who never said a mean word to anyone in person

Reading this really put it into perspective how context changes the meaning of words. Because if that came at the end of an argument, then yeah, it would be a potent insult.

But they way you worded this I instantly pictured someone standing up, pointing at a woman, saying "stupid gash" and walking off as she devolves into hysterics. And that's the funniest thing I've thought of all day.

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An American trying to pronounce anything French

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An American trying to pronounce anything in English /thread

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I called a waitress that when she overcharged me for a bottle of wine

you are a disease



trolled hard

Double nigger



if used 100% out of any humorous or sarcastic context and as a sincerely intended euphemism, probably "special"

cunt is so sharp it hurts

its scum

but why be offensive in the first place?

Definitely nigger.

Listening to Whitehouse scream this word so many times in high pitched British accents has watered down its impact for me



surprised no-one has mentioned: Cuck


Because that's absolutely meaningless at this point
Might as well call someone a fag

watch your mouth



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Why the homophobia?


the only word that will get you fired 100% of the time in a professional setting would be "jew" or varients like kike, heeb, and so on. Nigger, fag, etc. would only get you fired like 98% of the time

the marginal difference is insignificant and unlikely to hold in a large sample size of incidents

Thats a sweet story thank you.

Has jew really become a 100% negative word now, even without using it in a derogatory way? Am I really this old?

not really, I just meant if it was used in an insulting way



Retarded Nigger Faggot

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For the last 2000 years jews have been in recrded history and plenty of people don't like or trust them, rightfully so

Dillon, calling someone a Dillon.



Nigger loving faggot kike Jew



>/thread-ing yourself
Faggot, but nice dubs.

>entire room will silence
Thats because the room just found out the level of your autism

I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet
or perhaps my reading skills really are subpar





>Might as well call someone a fag
This has little effect through the keyboard but it works pretty well IRL. I prefer the formal "faggot". It is used so little in my area that it has renewed its luster.

I think it's probably Whore.

The only word you could yell out in a crowd and be 100% guaranteed to be punched is n*gger.

'Development' used in the context of industrialization.
'development' sensu life is super cool.

See that's the thing it's the context that the word is used in, not only that but the idea it evokes that offends.
For example if you called me a chomskyhonk that would first evoke the idea of me as a chomsky honk, which would what would do the offending, only after would I actually interpret being called a 'chomskyhonk' as me being a Chomskyhonk.
You see perception of the linqistic sign 'Chomskyhonk' considered in it's pragmatic context first evoked the idea of me being a Chomsky honk which was interpreted my both emotional (offensive) and abstract( I am a Chomsky honk) semiotic agents each intrepreting the sign in their own way, then the abstraction of me as a Chomsky honk may itself be interpreted emotionally, adding to the emiotional distress, which in turn can evoke a further image of me as a cry baby Chomskyhonk, or numerous other things. Then for it to be offensive requires it to be interpreted by a semiotic agent as such.
In the same way I just described the experience of "offense" does as well. I'm sure the emiotion of offense is a sign taken from a more general emiotion in a particular context.

You see this is a semiotic question and there are lots of questions to ask, who knows maybe you can make a model that can be used to infer what the most offense word is.

Pls study semiotics, it's foundational.

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>even without using it in a derogatory way?
When I was younger (circa 1978 or so) I made use of the word "Jew" in a purely non-deprecative manner in order to identify a person for means of generating a discussion about a specific point of reasoning. This immediately derailed the conversation, which subsequently never took place. I was admonished for using the word and I was told that this was a vile word that was used to insult a specific group of people. I asked what word I should have used to describe this person instead and I was given a long winded speech that amounted to nothing of note except that this moniker was forced on them by others outside of their group - and I was given no resolution. To this day I am unaware of any term that could have been used in lieu of "Jew". As the years progressed, Jews even began to call themselves Jews and they even have "Jewish temples" and "Jewish cultural centers". They still don't want any outsiders discussing them, though - and their ears perk the moment the hear the word. I find a parallel in the Mormons. They were defensive for years about the word "Mormon" - expecting those that were not part of their group to call them "Disciples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". When I called them on their bullshit, they told me to call them by the abbreviation "LDS" - which I immediately rejected.
>Why, user? What is wrong with "LDS"?
>You just told me to call you a "saint". That's bullshit.
This was totally unrealistic and they finally surrendered. If they had chosen something reasonable then they could have chosen their own name. Now, they recognize the name "Mormon" for themselves and even use it in their public advertising. (inb4 "Book of Mormon". They did not call themselves "Mormons".)

>Thats because the room just found out the level of your autism
This is my favorite moment.

>The only word you could yell out in a crowd and be 100% guaranteed to be punched is n*gger.
Enlarge the sample size and this theory collapses of its own weight.

Shut the fuck up