I'm going insane

I'm going insane.

I can not write anything new. Same fucking words over and over, like my vocabulary consists of 20 words. I can not develop a fucking thought.

Where is my brain?

What the fuck do I do?

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bro you used more than 20 different words in that post alone

Eat healthy. Exercise. Get enough sleep.

Hey I can't write anything at all so at least you aren't me.
Maybe read a dictionary if it's a vocabulary problem.

Only thing I don't do is exercise.

It's not a vocabulary problem. It is mental and linguistical impotency.

I know your pain, man. Wish I had a solution, but I don't.

It is like writing the same piece over and over. Isn't it?

Neither Shakespeare nor Joyce did any of the above and they turned out alright.

All day every day. No matter what and how much you read, how good your grammar or vocabulary are, everything you say is the same simple empty crap. Even when I read something and think "wow, that was fascinating", I have nothing of value to talk about.

What is that??

Swear to god I'll eat 5 grams of mushrooms and recorc my psychosis.

>"What the fuck do I do?"

Green microdots

I can't... I've lost the fight vs The Fear last time, got HPPD, DP/DR and OCD ( thanks genetics I didn't know about ) in return. Am finally almost done with all that shit, well as much as one can be, imho.

I used to know that feel, user. A few months ago I started writing consistently every morning. Sometimes you have to just slog through something with brainlet words but all that matters is that you get it done. You can add more inspired verbiage when you do your revisions.

Also you obviously need to read more.

I understand, but I don't want to write :"x gets up. X drinks coffee. X observes the city." If I wanted to deal with mediocrity, I wouldn't care about my writing. I get nothing from writing
shit like that, I don't count my work as 'being done'. I write to delay suicide or mental death.

I am reading, obviously. Why would You even suggest that? Also, reading more isn't a solution.

why do you want to write? nobody wants to read your angsty and abortive attempts at self-expression. commit egocide and enjoy the ride

It is the only thing justifying my existence. I want to translate g/God, create real magic. I write for myself and live for myself. I don't give a shit about the reader. Glory is luxury, my writing can burn if it has to. But, of course I'd love for my writing to be known, that's on the bottom of the list of reasons that I write.

Delusions. I see so much of myself in you. The self I was before I lost everything, and was reforged in deep burning shame.

I've already lost everything. I am a junkie that can't do drugs, I can't drink, the combo of OCD and ADHD makes reading a torture, still I persist. I cleared a whole semester on my uni while at least half psychotic sleeping 2-3 hours a day. I always wrote. I won't participate in this pain contest. I know my fear.

It's not a contest. It would be a tie. God and Magic are the ultimate source of glory, be honest with yourself.

Where did I claim they weren't? English may not be my native language, but I think I was perfectly clear.

write something that you think is bad

i have OCD and my HPPD lasts for months if i do even high doses of MDMA much less psyches. You need to read to write well, your vocabulary comes directly from your peers and authors you admire. Just reading CĂ©line and Nietzsche helped me break out of a 5 year intellectual dry spell

>going insane
>can't write anything new
>Where is my brain?
>What the fuck do I do?
nice poem la

Glory is luxury, my writing can burn if it has to. But, of course I'd love for my writing to be known, that's on the bottom of the list of reasons that I write.

>shit like that, I don't count my work as 'being done'

You're fugged then, pal. That's literally the only way to improve. It's not going to be perfect the first time it comes out.

Make a change in your life
Break routine
Have some days off with friends
Read more
Take notes of all your ideas in the moment they happen
Find purpose
Come back and write

some solutions that have helped me with this:
sleep for like >7 hours a day
stop drinking / smoking
If you've recently done LSD or ecstasy, that's why, don't know if you'll ever replenish the torrent of ideas.
Read new things, start writing down tropes and the context they were used in. Like I have a trope collection that I know what they mean but are used in awesome ways. Like when Foucault says "A single locus of sexuality...was fertile... and verbal decency sanitized one's speech," I know what sanitize means but the way he uses it, especially in conjunction with fertility adds depth

You have nothing to say, and you know as much, but like most people on Veeky Forums you believe that being a writer is your calling, so you beat yourself up because your literary dreams are antithetical to your being. I suggest you go outside and participate in society proper, you'll forget this silliness and learn to be content with being normal like the vast majority of human beings.

Maybe you're just a regular crazy person and not a meaningful crazy person. Not necessarily a bad thing.

most people are not content

Study Moby-Dick. It has the broadest vocabulary of English novels.

start drinking and smoking weed

he's on probation

read more, write down every word you don't know in a book with its definition. At night before bed go over your word book and think about how it was used in your readings. Organically acquire a larger vocabulary and use it to describe things around you.

Some really good advice here:organically grow Your vocab, break the routine.

I do not drink or do drugs, I've been ciean for years, can't risk the mentalno health decline just to claw myself out of that hole.

stop trying to put a square block into a round hole.

Take something simple, like a bar of chocolate, or just standing up. Write about said thing/action as much in depth as you can. Use as many analogies and flowery language as you can. Seeing how interesting and mysterious even the most mundane things can be is a pretty neat exercise.

Clean your room: The Post

user, ignore all the posts take crystal meth into the vein and angel dust and curb stomp that square family fuck of yours into the round hole

Get some coffee or something

Treat yourself like you would a cat you are responsible for helping
Pet a person whenever your see it


basketball jones
i got a basketball jones
i got a basketball jones oh baby ooh-wee-ooooooh

>Life is a state of mind.

love that fucking movie, one of my favorites

OP here!

I spent 2 hours in front of the typewriter just forcing sentences - it was meh. And then magic happened! The g/Gods hit me!

Took me about an hour to write a perfect (for me) and simple poem of 5 lines! Well, most of the time spent was arranging the thing!

However, some really good advice here, I'll remember it! Thanks.

post the poem fag

English isn't my native language and I don't write in English.


>English isn't my native language and I don't write in English.
Post it anyway