Unironically what is White privilege...

Unironically what is White privilege? I never seem to get the same definition twice and I'd like to understand it/hear some good arguments for its existence

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>doctors on average take white people's complaints as medical problems but take black people's complaints as psychosomatic weak-spiritedness
>police on average will tackle a fully armed white murderer to the ground after he killed dozens with automatic weapons, but will blow a black child's brains out because the cop is too far away to ensure the child is a regular child in regular clothes rather than a panicky adult with dozens of grenades strapped to him
>employers on average will take resumes more seriously if they have white-sounding names regardless of what's on the resumes
>for centuries white people committed all kinds of terrorism to get black people to flee the most economically prosperous parts of the country
>for centuries white people enacted nonsensical laws that would allow police to arrest basically any black person for no reason at all and charge them with whatever crime they wanted later
>arts and entertainment in western countries avoids black cast and crew like the plague
>etc etc
Read a book you dumbass. This is Veeky Forums after all. Start with The New Jim Crow or The Warmth of Other Suns

any stats published on this?

so it applies only to americans?

not a topic for Veeky Forums
if you want to be a retard you have Veeky Forums and /pol/

It's that statistical likelihood that you will live a more privileged life than the average person of color. You will not be targeted by systemic racism. You will hold a statistical majority in your representative governmental enclave. You will benefit from nepotism, cronyism. You are more likely to inherit money and come from a family that is capable of providing you with the bare necessities.

I agree with the idea of white privilege but see it as fundamentally being framed in the wrong way.

It's not white privilege that needs to be "fixed" it's the disadvantages of being a minority. The minorities should get the same privileges. It's not that the whites should have the privileges taken away. Opportunity to help oneself should be universal.

That being said it's a hard sell to anyone but lefties.

Pic related is the sentiment I run into more and more often.

As someone who grew up poorer than most of the black people around me I know that white privilege shouldn't be used as a blanket to judge white people you meet and know nothing about. On the other hand I know that the average white person has it far better than I did, statistically speaking, even though I'm mostly white.

Shit's dumb and a poor source of focus I think. It's the system of incentives, the pedagogy, and the economy that need to be restructured. Not the people inside of it.

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American examples are best documented. But no. See Spanish and British worldwide Imperialism for an example of how this thing is spread over most of the globe.

Veeky Forums will ban it for the 25 year rule even though it makes sense.

And most leftist threads on /pol/ just get ignored or shitposted to death.

I suspect you know this.

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Not literature.


Basically comes down to tribalism. We're rapidly losing our majority status in the US so we'll see what happens. AKA will spics give a shit enough about blacks or whites

I know for a fact that chinese and indians have ‘statistical’ advantages over ‘whites’ in the US

>philosophy is not a topic for Veeky Forums

>>>>>>>>>>white privilege

>This applies to a Hungarian immigrant to Canada how?

Oh fuck I thought this was the scientific method being a meme thread

I think this is less about how whites (or Asians) are privileged, but more about how blacks are insufferable to be around. Too bad that is way too taboo to even mention but the inverse (white privilege) is perfectly fine to rant about. Talk about double standard!

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You sound like you're quite a gas in social situations yourself.

If you put a bunch of dolphins and giraffes in a huge aquarium, the dolphins have white priviledge

Read The Bell Curve

'White privilege' is one of the great schisms that erupted from the atomization of social groups after the post-war industrial boom, and it does cause great ruckus inside "left" academics.

The problem here is that the "great fights" of the 20th century have been slowly but surely replaced by the concept of micro-agression and that of identity struggles. This applies equally to feminism, "native" struggle, etc. Some thinkers who deal with the relation of technology and society believe this is a direct consequence of the need of capital/technique to increase its threshold of influence, both through production and through consumption, or as Ellul put it, " All men are constrained by means external to them to ends equally external. The further the technical mechanism develops that allows us to escape natural necessity, the more we are subjected to artificial technical necessities."

The basic foundation is always the class conflict theories developed my Marx, Weber and others, but it is twisted into being about a lesser struggle. In this particular case, white privilege is a form of systemic violence/oppression done by a master class (whites) who systematically oppresses, well, everyone else. The meaning of systemic is important here: it is meant to be read as external to any particular individual, or something that we do "without thinking", out of mere technical necessity. To give you a short example: suppose I cross the street whenever I see a black man dressed "ghetto"-ish coming towards me. When someone points out to me that this is racist, I might claim "I'd rather be racist and alive than be a dead liberal!". This example, when elaborated, would show that institutions such as the police would employ the same reasoning rather than act "neutral", and usually in excess, to the point they would purposely target black people regardless of how they are dressing. This theory "works" because it's self-fulfilling, I could switch black people to jews, women and literally any word I wanted, because they key term here is not "black" but rather the social class implications (avoiding people who dress "ghetto").

Nevertheless, in spite of being a completely butchered and atomized version of the master/slave dichotomy, it was co-opted by capital because it's that much easier to turn into commodity, and a commodity it became. Identity struggles are forms of fighting people who are not active perpetrators of systemic violence (e.g the ancestry dilemma), while ignoring the true cause of systemic violence (the system). We can't put our smartphones in jeopardy because of the exploitation we suffer, so we turn to each other instead, even though everyone is equally enslaved by technical necessity ("get a job!" "be yourself!" "live life to its fullest!"). The post is reaching its limit but, as TL;DR: atomization into micro-struggles is what makes white privilege such a misleading term when a more fundamental structure is the problem.

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>You will not be targeted by systemic racism.
well no shit, the systems were created by my ancestors. If they don't suit you, make your own fucking systems. All of black people's problems come from coveting the lives of white people (for reasons I don't fully understand, since most whites are miserable af). This is why murder and crime rates spiked after the widespread adoption of tv/mass media

Whites have overwhelmingly held all the power in the U.S. since its inception. Basically all institutions have consciously or even unconsciously been set up in a way that most benefits that ruling class. This is just obvious shit. There are plenty of people still alive today who were alive when the government openly discriminated against blacks. It would be incredibly naive to pretend that most all functions of society aren't still riddled with these biases, some of which are easily detectable like pointed out and some which are pretty unqauntifiable but exist nonetheless.

Now what the left has done wrong in response to this is taking these aggregate trends and bringing them down to the individual level. It just doesn't make any sense and turns a real acknowledgment of systematic biases into personal petty shit slinging.

From what I can tell the white privilege theory was first theorized in a crude form by W. E. B DuBois, it didn't gain any attention till it was appropriated by some fringe Maoist sects in the 60s and spread from there into academia by primarily lesbians in womens studies in a dumbed down more psychologicalized form e.g. Peggy McIntosh, this is the pop theories you see today which aren't really worthwhile. Your better off just going back and reading DuBois

See DuBois's Black Reconstruction in America: 1860-1880 (originally published in 1935) and Ted Allen's The Invention of the White Race (summary here: clogic.eserver.org/1-2/allen )


>what is "16 year old who thinks mindlessly pointing out fallacies is an argument"

blacks are a different subspecies not a different species

Are you being sarcastic or are you incapable of understanding that when a group CREATES an institution, that institution naturally favors their abilities and preferences, and that the CREATOR of that institution is not morally required to modify it extensively for easier use by others when doing so would impair the institutions function?

I'll elaborate.
People have less respect for poor, inarticulate, unhealthy, uneducated assholes than they do on the contrary. This applies universally. It's why fatasses are treated worse than fit people on average.
All the problems described are just as applicable to blacks are also relevant to white trash and fence jumpers.
Unfortunately for everyone most of these things are determined by your genes and birth status. So unless you're lucky and climb out of the crab bucket, you're fucked. Commies and feminists commit the false cause fallacy when they attribute this normal human behavior to "systemic racism" when the real issue is that there are horrible cultural issues within the black community that promote violence. It's an unavoidable truth that these cultural issues date back to slavery, but this shouldn't be taken as evidence of a systemic white advantage. It means because of historical factors you're more likely to be rich if you're born white because you're going to grow up in a much healthier environment. It has nothing to do with being "white." But what kind of community you're born into and with what genetics. For all intents and purposes "white privilege" should be called "born in the right place privilege."

>well no shit, the systems were created by my ancestors. If they don't suit you, make your own fucking systems.

you can't do that if you don't have real political representation

>All of black people's problems come from coveting the lives of white people

All of them? Really now?

> (for reasons I don't fully understand, since most whites are miserable af).

Mortals in general are miserable doesn't mean we don't want modest improvements like representation.

>This is why murder and crime rates spiked after the widespread adoption of tv/mass media

The war on drugs, which started around that time, disproportionately targeted hippies and blacks for having Socialist-leaning values. The law is selectively enforced. That's part of white privilege. It's also conservative orthodox status-quo privilege.

In America centrists are called pedophiles and communists.

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