How much does he know?

How much does he know?

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I don't know.

Seven, maybe eight

More than my dad does

He knows about the jewish psyduck conspiracy.

2. I counted.

more apt, how much doesnt he know?

He doesn't know anything that can't be found in a book.

Come on now, I want the Quick Rundown on Tommy. Has he made any allusions to the elite's pedophile racket?


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the paragraph in Bleeding Edge about Montreal mentions a laundromat that’s right around the corner from my apartment, so he knows a good amount

in GR, yes.

I note that pynchon makes a lot of anagrams or strange names that are obviously anagrams. I ask you.
What is Thomas Ruggles Pynchon Jr. an anagram for?

Conjurer's nymph goth slag

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John Wayne enters a bar. Everybody stops drinking and an uneasy silence fills the room. They are all aware that the fastest hand in the West has entered the room and they all get out of his way. John sits at the bar and orders a whisky. The cowboy next to him tries to play it cool and not attract attention. John looks at him and says: "Two plus two?" The guy is so scared that he can barely talk. He manages to say: "What?" John fixes his glare on him and repeats: "Two plus two. Answer me NOW!" The guy is now completely terrified, but realizes he had better answer. He starts thinking really hard and does his best to add the two numbers. He comes up with the answer: "Five?" A few seconds later he is dead from a shot in the head. John puts his gun back and orders another whisky. The barman, shocked, manages to ask: "Excuse me, Mr Wayne, but why did you shoot him?" John drinks his whisky, looks at the barman and says: "The man knew too much."

There's 13 Grand Jewish Conspiracies, and the average person only knows number 4 (Seinfeld). Judging by his age and height I wouldn't think it likely he knew more than 2 or 3.

Hmm. Best guess would be around 32.

His grandfather was a 13th degree freemason in New England.

Pynchon resembles Shakespeare in that, at least superficially, his works are for a general audience, though upon deeper analysis and the inevitable “catching up” of society he’ll become revered to the same degree as the latter.

Lmao nope.

Wow, great point!

I wouldn't say GR is for a general audience. I mean, it's hardly filled with the simplicity of say, the catcher in the rye or of mice and men. Those would be prime candidates in my mind of works written with the general audience in mind. GR, as his typically cited masterwork would be difficult to understand by anyone not well versed in several fields of academia.

Yours was equally lame, his was just more laconic.

so you have no retort. all right.

Are you gonna cry?

if anything i'm actually genuinely sad that there isn't an established anagram solution to thomas ruggles pynchon jr. i couldn't give less of a fuck what metrics you use to define the nature of an audience. i stated my case and that's enough for me.

All me.

I'll only say this about the name: It's not about how you rearrange the letters, but about which ones you leave out.

all i can come up with is "ma's rugs pynch"

I wasn't even the one who argued with you about that. But you're the one who used the metrics to define audience by saying *general* audience. You unironically seem like you might be borderline mentally retarded.

Wtf are you talking about

Retardation confirmed.

you make me feel the need to wash my hands

doesn't he? he doesn't even realize that i'm too busy taking a shit to respond to him, and that he's talking to someone else entirely. i'm not going to wash my hands though. i have food to prepare.

Samefag. Pathetic.

Kek. Leave this board

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What background knowledge do you need for Gravity’s Rainbow?

Maybe watch The War: In Color on Netflix along with Dr. Strangelove, listen to Lotion and The Beatles, read some Richard Rhodes books about missiles, and do a little LSD.

i wouldn't profess to know, as some of the work eludes me, and i would imagine that more eludes than what i gather, the point is that at least some higher stem education would be necessary to understand the references in the work. regardless, it takes half a brain to realize while passing over a couple of leaves in the book that it's no animal farm.
i know people here have a tendency to narcissistically imagine that the books they read are somehow above the typical fare that people enjoy, and i would argue against some of that, but in this case, i wouldn't say that GR is as approachable of its own accord as, say, great expectations. it's just not aimed at a general public. it's aimed at paranoid crazies who have too much time and too little arm strength to wank it away. not everyone is like that, and pretending that the general person would have any interest in a lengthy banana breakfast or a pavlovian experiment or a mindboggling synthetic material, or an out of body experience or a meta-tarot summary, or a fucking immortal lightbulb, is madness. it's not a matter of requisite knowledge of say, stem topics, but at least an understanding of literary techniques, and a patience for complexity. in a world where fast food is king it is doubtless that their dollar pushes a democratic button proclaiming the significant majority, it is no surprise that complex, dense, confusing, and time consuming are not to the general public's interest, and thus the book not ballistically inclined towards them.

middlebrow pseudery

>The man knew too much
To make this last line a pun, the guy should answer 6: knew two much

>it's aimed at paranoid crazies who have too much time and too little arm strength to wank it away.
I liked this formulation, the rest is too gay for comfort.

If you just do Thomas Pynchon you get this: Pynchon&t=500&a=n

Egg Slur
Gel Rugs
Leg Rugs
Legs Rug
Gels Rug
Erg Lugs
Erg Slug
Ergs Lug

user Chomps Thy
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user Psych Moth

'middlebrow' omggggg
you fucking NAILED him haha

yeah on my walk around the cemetary that was all i could remember that was worth a shit. thanks for the confirmation.

to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to enjoy thomas pynchon