Does anyone here work in a library?

Does anyone here work in a library?

I'm thinking of spending $12,000 to study for a degree in librarianship at the age of 27, but I don't know if it's a good idea.

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Not sure if it is a great idea for that money.

I want to start studying it in November (after 3 semesters trying to get a degree in cybernetics and failing at math) but my country pays you 4 years of bachelor's education. So I will pay just for the last semester.

Good luck OP.

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Does anyone here work?

I did the degree and what everyone across North America in my field seems to universally agree that getting the masters sucks and you don't learn anything, but the jobs are pretty good, if not especially lucrative.

All the libraries around me are run by elderly part-time employees and volunteers, so (at least in this area) finding a job that can support you may be difficult.


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a grand a fortnight, why work?

where do you live and how did you get the government to give you taht much money?

Don't do it

I'm in the same boat, user. I paid off my undergrad this year and want to get out of classroom teaching, but it takes a master's degree in my state to become a school librarian. I'd have to quit my job to go back to school and I don't know if I want to go back into debt for it.

Libraries are not exactly a booming industry

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What is the appeal in being a librarian?
In my mind all you're doing is stacking shelves like a glorified Wallmart employee. Sounds boring as shit

I am a full time teacher and working on my MA thesis. I am 27 as well

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I work at Starbucks.

It's pretty godawful, but the benefits aren't bad.

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I'm not the same guy but these days librarians are more like database managers than book stackers.

I understand that but the question remains the same. I'm surprised Library science even remains a degree

I worked at my university's library/archives for a few years as a student and then continued working there for about a year after I graduated. Then I left to get a job in my field of study because I thought I needed to put my degree to use. I took a pay cut doing this, but I thought I needed to do that to start an exciting new career. After a few months working in that new job I realized it was stressful and terrible and I never should have left the library. I could have stayed there and gotten an MLS for free. An MLS is stupid but for free I wouldn't complain. Anyway I'm a fucking idiot and now I don't think I could get my old job back and I certainly couldn't get a similar position at different university because my degree has nothing to do with libraries and I only got promoted to where I was because I was there for several years and knew how stuff worked and I think my boss liked me. I basically feel like a failure now and I can't afford to go to grad school. I apply to some library/archive jobs I see posted online but almost all of them either require a graduate degree or have lots of people with masters degrees and doctorates competing with me. For shitty entry level positions. (I just applied to one position that pays like 26k. I'm retarded.) But whatever, the benefits are usually good and the job can be rewarding and peaceful, particularly on the archival side of things.

Yeah, same. But that could be said for many degrees.

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What the fuck, how do you get this? I make that much working. Don't you feel guilty like you're robbing the middle class?

>Going to college to babysit homeless people

I drive a forklift for $25/hr. I spend at least $1200 a month on booze and cigarettes alone and think about killing myself pretty often.

get a entry level job at a library first, then try to get them to pay for it or if u really have to pay for it yourself, but dont just go and blow 50 gees on a vocational masters in a field you have no experience cuz u wont get a job

planning on getting out of the bucks anytime soon?

I don't understand how anyone could be comfortable with such a shitty robot-tier job.

I own my own business and I pull 60 hour weeks (9-5 trading hours + 2 for open and + 2 for close, usually) and I still feel like a lazy shit on the weekends. I can't imagine how much of a useless sack of shit I would feel like if my job was literally busywork too.

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Yes. I work part-time sorting and shelving books for $30-40 an hour; I've had the opportunity to rise a little higher in the organisation, but didn't take it, as I was unsure of my position in life at the time.

Effectively, all that I need to do, is wait for the next job opportunity, and onward to the next one, and so on, and so forth, until I'm taken on as a permanent member of staff.

I literally just submitted a resume.

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