So, Veeky Forums, why aren't you using Duolingo to expand your literary potential?

So, Veeky Forums, why aren't you using Duolingo to expand your literary potential?

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because it's a shit app.

Because you can learn languages better with youtube plus a dictionary. Learning systems can't prepare you for what you encounter in the wild.

>using the app
>not using the desktop site for a superior learning experience

I did. It's a good intro to a language but that's about it, like taking one semester at best.

it says im 66% fluent in spanish but i can barely formulate basic sentences and have a shit vocabulary.

pretty sure you would have to be 100% duolingo fluent before even cracking intermediacy

I did spanish for a while and the result is banal phrases springing to mind here and there. Of course the vocabulary can be useful in everyday life. Also it makes the "el goblino..." meme funnier. As for learning a language proper I'm too lazy and stupid.

i tried using it for russian and it has to be the most joyless way to learn a language i have ever encountered even considering the already depressing realm of mobile apps it belongs to. it's literally just endless brain-numbing translation of sentences like "tim has five blue chairs" back and forth between two languages. and it never gets more interesting, the later levels are just the same shit with more words so now it's "the king has five big castles" or whatever. it's everything that sucks about language education distilled into an automated little torture device for starving your soul.

How does one ACTUALLY learn a new language without immersion?

use the internet to fake the immersion without having to go anywhere. kids all over the world learn english just by consuming english-language entertainment so why shouldn't you be able to do it by watching foreign youtube and switching all your movies and video games to a foreign dub?

I was actually and it's quite effective as long as you're using it every day for at least an hour. I did stop using it because I became busier focusing on re-drafting and proof reading my own work, but it is a very accessible learning website.

Other people will translate the book for me

It doesn't actually teach you how to structure a sentence, or how to write in another language, I find it's just pattern recognition.

>Translate the following into English!

Is ez-mode and about 95% of the content. When you're actually asked to translate English into French (or whatever) I was woefully unprepared and made me realise how meaningless all the __% fluent and gold medals are; you aren't learning shit.

I don't play video games and the only films I'd want to watch would be too advanced. Maybe I could just start reading childrens books.

>turn Skyrim to Russian to immerse myself in the language
>The voice actors are even worse than their English counterparts

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there's a russian fandub of the first deus ex that's just one russian guy talking over all the vo.

With hard work and by joining a class or practising on your own for years.

I know this isn't the answer you wanted but there you go

>for years
This is the unavoidable part that no one wants to talk about desu.

I tried it for a while but fell off and now I've forgotten everything I learnt and don't want to go back and start again.

Frequency dictionary, pronounciation and enki cards will get you into language learning, twenty minutes a day.
Checkout fluentforever and ACTFL.

The good part is that it pays off, I've literally never heard of someone becoming fluent in another language and regretting it.

This. Duolingo needs to get it's arse into gear and put more content where you translate English into the language you're learning.

>hello my name is Huge Faggot an i have discovered a miraculous new method of language study that works perfectly without any investment of time or effort. turns out you just have to play with a faggy app on your phone! give me money now!

yeah nah

I'm using it as a refresher since I don't use French or Spanish in my daily life, before I take summer classes. It's great for when I'm on the train to work, but not much else.

>Adequate frequency

Ez, gg

How do you think I learned japanese? (hint: animu)

But yea op, duolingo kind of a shit. Not only is the content quite basic for almost all languages, but as said, learning on it is just a pain. Recently got a book to learn Russian and that's been much more useful than the app.

Lel, if you're past eleven years of age, forget about learning any language fluently. You can delude yourself about proficiency all you want, but a clinically retarded native speaker whose language processing centre had been physically drilled into with a screwdriver will forever have more feel for his language than you.

>this is what monoglots actually believe
maybe you're just not that smart

>being this cucked

Because I'm already learning French through books and Spanish in class.

I do French and I was getting really good but I've had a huge mental block learning it over the last 6 months. I'm getting better again, but speaking and listening are beyond difficult for me. Watching a French movie, I honestly can never pick up enough of what they are saying unless its a short phrase. What's the best way to get better at this without actually finding someone who speaks French.

Because trying to make your life nothing by a series of unending improving activities is a waste of life, especially when we all know yoh wont be proficient in any or them.

You have to create your own immersion. I learned how to converse in Latin by reading conversations in Lingua Latina to myself, recording it and listening to the recording afterwards. During the listening I responded to the conversation in context and then wrote out those responses.

Don't let me discourage you lads, so stop being upset and carry on.

Because I've already mastered my second language to perfection.

hi i'm 20 year old anglo and i've only spoken english all my life. many of my favourite writers, and writers im interested in, are german. musil, mann, kafka, nietzsche, schopenhauer, the list goes on. can i learn german? is it too late for me?

Try and find out. Break a sweat you puss. You should be able to, just don't expect your command of German to translate to speaking and writing as well as it does to reading.

So what, the goal is not to become a native speaker but to achieve proficency.

Ich bin 25 Jahre alt und I habe studiert nur 6 Monate und Ich glaube bin gute tun.

Mind you, there's probably a shit load of errors in there and I had to google the translation for "month". But still, I can somewhat read and write.

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Agreed mate, never said that wasn't the case, just wanted to stir some shit.

have french podcasts and youtube videos playing all day when you do other shit. it doesn't matter that you don't understand anything. my middle aged mother who never learned any english started watching streams about fostering rescued cats at one point. she just ignored the spoken english and watched the footage, maybe 30-60 minutes a day for a few years and now she can kinda parse spoken english, recognize words that she's seen elsewhere and guess the meaning of basic sentences. it's honestly shocking to me sometimes how much she can figure out based entirely on passive absorption and no actual effort to learn.

Thank you. I'll give it a shot. No harm in it.

The sites better, but I do dig that I can practice speaking anywhere with the apps bot conversations. Only issue is if you use the wrong case (Deutschlerner) for a word it'll completely ignore anything else you want to say unless it's correct.

>Ich glaube bin gute tun.
Nigga what

it's not that good

It was between that and Ich glaube, es geht mir gut. I wasn't too sure.

Don't trust me but I think in any case it would be
>Ich glaube, mir geht's gut

Keep on keeping on user, German is a great language to learn.

Thanks! And yeah it is, I've been doing pretty well so far I just wish the genders weren't so obnoxious.

Инфинит Джecт - хyёвaя книгa. Mнe никaк нe жaль, чтo Уoллec пoвecильcя. Я нaдeюcь, чтo Пинчoн бyдeт cлeдyющим, блядь вeликoзyбaя.

thanks duolingo

i sure hope вeликoзyбaя is a word

Because Duolingo is a waste of time compared to a good book (You know, with a structure) or even

I like how the Duolingo pleb rhetoric has back-fired. During the height of the youtube language gurus everyone would proclaim "Fuck classrooms and grammar!", and a horde of plebs would applaud, laugh and cheer each other on.

>pattern recognition
so true. fuck duolingo.

>t. someone has never tried learning a language

I started learning German 8 months ago and I'm older than you. I think the whole notion of youth being a key factor in language learning is a myth lazy and stupid people tell themselves. Kids learn languages through immersion. Adults can learn a new language through grammar, practice, immersion, etc.

Duolingo is a great beginner's program. I would never waste my time going beyond 40-60% completion though.

>Also it makes the "el goblino... meme even funnier
How so

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I used it over Christmas break after my first semester of french to review, but even then, it was useless.

Я yжe ecты плaнe
Thanks duolingo!

But I do

What are the best languages when it comes to reading literature? I can't decide whether I should focus on German, Japanese, or something else. I already know English, Spanish, and French.

English is the only language that has any right to exist.

I do, faggot. That's the only reason I'm trying to learn French. To read Proust in his original writing would be a dream come true, OP.

Пoвecилcя instead of пoвecильcя
but overall pretty good

it's shit no matter where you use it.
Use LingQ

Whats a good language to learn if we are interested in Mythology/Occultism? I'm gaining an interest in reading stories like Illiad, norse sagas, and various other European stories.


a good way to help this is to change your default language to the one you're trying to learn and then working your way through the english language course. switch it around.

anki flashcards and grammar books, immersing yours in culture of that language such as films and books

>t. someone has never tried learning a language
Translate for a living actually, but good guess.

wait which poster were you?

Learn with YouTube plus a dictionary guy.

>I think the whole notion of youth being a key factor in language learning is a myth lazy and stupid people tell themselves
You don't think this, you feel this because it's making you uncomfortable. It is a mainstream faxct in linguistics and interdisciplinary fields that look at language acquisition. This is not to say you can't become proficient through adult blood, sweat and tears, you'll just never be at the level of a native speaker if you're past age eleven.

You're learning vocabulary, which is the most important part when you begin learning a new language, especially when it's something like French. You fucking mong

Yes, you can learn any language at any point in your life.

what's vocabulary without context? Nothing. You need structure and vocab to know how to use a word. Duolingo isn't the best for vocab, and horrible for context.

Vocabulary is everything, unless you're studying a more synthetic language. (French isn't one of those)