More like this lads, please

More like this lads, please..

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I don't know if it exists. Reread it.

Nothing quite comes close.

Berlin Alexanderplatz or the Man without Qualities

musil, walser, zweig

Post your favorite extract from the book please

I've just started. But I already know I want more.

faggot poser

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It's hard to post it as just an excerpt, but my favourite moment is the meeting between Hans and Madame Chauchat when she first leaves. How the thread of Hans' memory about the asiatic-looking schoolkid and the pencil loops around to this scene and unties itself is just so immense that it filled me with awe

The Cancer Ward :^)

My favorite part is when Castrop starts talking to the people in the sanatorium and the scene where he, Settembrini and a girl who is about to die, stand in front of an open grave (I think that this is in the book. I was a bit dizzy when I read this part). That's the moment when the whole place gets actually shrouded by death. It's the moment when the implication of death disappears and it becomes real and it doesn't go away, not even when the book ends. All the intellectual discussion, all the love and life that happens there is surrounded by it.

More Mann desu, esp. Tristan, which is like a proto-MM, also takes place in a sanitorium, similar themes etc.

Has anyone attempted this?

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does it even make sense to read it translated

Yes and it's glorious.

reading it in English or French is more beautiful than the original kek

I read this, in english, with mild interest until I got to the chapter where he has a conversation with the russian (?) qt that takes place entirely in french, for a whole chapter. Already for hundreds of pages I was getting bored and irritated by the pretentious monologues of nearly all characters, but this pretentious switching to french made me drop the book like a jewish family name in the twenties. I might reconsider rereading it again, though, in german (fickend fließend Schätze!) in a couple of years just to get my vocabulary up.

Is it worth it though?

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That's the old translation. The new translation in OP's pic translates the French.

Read Zeno's conscious and Proust.

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>not picking the dream scene
What a litlet pleb.

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I found it less appealing than Buddenbrooks, but I'm a sucker for full on decadence.
What else, by Mann, should I read?

>he doesn't read French
My sides, I thought this was a patrician board.

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This book reminds me of the game bully, lol anyone else? Not the plot or anything but the feel you get from going around campus in the fall

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Have read the whole thing last year and already consider reading it again, or at least certain parts; def one of my favorites

alri Pierre

if you mean the "Snow" chapter, that is everyone's first choice desu, nothing patrician about it


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"Snow" and all the Mynheer Peeperkorn stuff.

It would be the beginning, when Hans learns and buys all the things that would normally be useless anywhere outside Berghof. I like the way it shows how vastly different the life on the mountain is from the life down here, and how Hans has to adapt to the changes. I like to think that it's a prediction of the change in his mindset later on in the story, but that's just my interpretation.
Also, Naphta's suicide is pure kino.

This is the correct answer. Also, when Castorp is listening to Faust.

Yes. I liked it, but I'm interested in biblical history. Read the Genesis version first and if you find it moving then you can consider Mann.