Any interesting reads on modern paganism?

Any interesting reads on modern paganism?

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Ritual by David Pinner. Can't vouch for its quality, but it's the source material for The Wicker Man which was a damned good movie.



now available in english

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>Any interesting reads on modern paganism?
no. literally no-one does it right except tom rowsell

Has anyone here actually read it? Varg and his wife are comfy as fuck but their paganism seems like nothing but scientism but for some reason just using mythology to explain it.

>it's about placenta
>thor is the god of gravity, yes the norse knew about gravity!!!1!
>muh afterbirth

>Tom Rowsell

isn't he basically Evola-lite+modern genetics but more centered around strictly paganism instead of being open to other traditions?

He seems to be pretty open to other traditions, isn't he in South East Asia now on a Buddhism kick?

But yeah Rowsell is the greatest living Pagan and Varg is the greatest living meme Pagan.

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Not one of those Varg baits but yes, Varg.

I've read his books and they explain modern paganism out of the context. What I mean by that is that they litteraly do the opposite of what other writers do with religion. Instead of comparing religion to a product of desperation, ritualism, or just plain boredom. He compares religion to science (and common sense) like says it. The best examples are on the Youtube channel of his wife.

yes, wasn't saying he is against other traditions necessarily, just that he seems to want to revive exclusively european dead traditions instead of embracing or adapting eastern tradition, which Evola seemed more open to doing, at least as a personal path, but he probably didn't see it either as a feasible move on a european level

not sure how much does he think we can recover from european paganism, i have seen some of his videos about normie prayer for day to day people, but not much about more serious path of asceticism or paths dedicated for the priestly caste if something like that were to emerge if paganism gets big enough at some point

Slavic Native Faith / Rodnovjerje is pretty based, and from my experience not a total meme like a lot of neopagan reconstructions, it's gaining more traction - Christianization was never as deep in our parts as the West.

Go immigrate to the Rio Coco and make some Moskito friends.
It's a big world and if you can afford to read books you have the ability to see most of it, we should before it's too late.

modern paganism is one of the least interesting things in existence.

He is even doing hindu poojas in his videos

isn't tradition tourism like the most degenerate thing ever?

i'm a pleb when it comes to paganism, but i thought those small statues and alcohol offerings he did were some kind of traditional roman/pagan ritual you would do in a small altar in your home

not sure if he stole it from the Hindus or if both traditions may have a common history starting with the proto-indoeuropeans

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In the video he does both a hindu and an asatru puja

or i think it's called blot in asatru - but it's the same principle

It's really interesting actually, pagan movements are an example of consciously local, anti-universal and post-Enlightenment philosophies. While Christianity continues to struggle against cultural and historical situatedness, contemporary science and rejections of its global applicability, for paganism all of these things are completely integrated - if ever there was an appropriate post-modern religion it's probably ethnic neopaganism. I predict it will continue to strengthen with the decline of capitalism.

I don't think so, if you are there to learn traditions you are doing them a favor, missionaries, damn builders, miners, some proxy war or fascist government and it's fucking gone.
Id you are there to live with them you are doing it good, if you are taking a guided tour or booked lodging you aren't doing anything good.
I wasn't referring to tourism I was referring to expedition, there are already missionaries and prospectors doing expedition, I was suggesting you live with them and contribute to a community that still practices polytheistic religion, and hopefully write about it.

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How do I choose which pagan religion I should follow?

are you?
gay: asatru
nazi: asatru
gay nazi: asatru

where has capitalism declined? capitalism is thriving everywhere, what has declined is liberalism because capitalism can thrive without it so it doesn't need it anymore


Probably by ethnic origin?

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what about amerimutts?

Americans are out of luck since they don't have a real tradition. Stick to basic bitch pantheism.

Learn from the natives maybe - they know how to connect with the soil you guys poison 'n' shit - but i'm a dane and i think the anglo-saxon english asatru is kinda little funny though ok...

can't they just deify carl sagan and black science man?

Myles Standish is your Odin, praise be upon him.

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I like this guy. He's a poet but he has written some books of essays that draw from all sorts of non-abrahamic mythologies and basically explain how to build your own symbolic art religion. You'll still have to read a lot of poetry, philosophy, greek myths and Germanic myths beforehand though.


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Straight autarchist: Neoplatonism/Hermeticism/Gnosticism

Are you trying to profit financially? Are you trying to exploit? No? Then it's fine user

Videos by survive the jive

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I can't really speak to "modern" but Joseph Campbell is the best crash course out there. I would recommend Myths to Live By, the Power of Myth (the easiest read) and the Masks of God.

nigga wat
I think the point is that for 'pagan' religions spirituality is embedded in the everyday, it's not segregated to the unattainable or otherworldly. It's practical, enlightening, and peace-giving ideas that relate to one's continuous experience of everything in the world. This is why you can't say that so-and-so followed some religion because the specifics differed between each village.

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you are trying to revitalize yourself by vampirizing the vitality of traditional people without having really any stakes on that type of life and then returning to your decadent modern lifestyle once you've sucked enough meaningful blood from those people who you don't really care about

so i think it's a nasty business for your own soul and for those people's souls even though nobody is directly attacked

Campbell always seemed too new agey and individualist to me, does he really ever engage traditions on their own terms or just re-purpose them to give meaning to bored middle class people?

>Campbell always seemed too new agey and individualist to me, does he really ever engage traditions on their own terms or just re-purpose them to give meaning to bored middle class people?
Branch out beyond The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth. Those books (especially the latter) were more-or-less explicitly published for people who probably hadn't thought about mythology since high school or thought critically about it at all. Unfortunately, a lot of his good stuff is obscure, very hard to find in print and impossible to find online.

However, depending on what you mean by "engage traditions on their own terms", he still might not be what you're looking for. If you compare a mythology to a clock, Campbell doesn't talk about the aesthetics of the clock and the historical significance of the clock itself as much as he tears the clock apart to look at the innards and then compares those innards to those of other clocks in great detail and discusses what this tells us about the people who made the clock. Campbell is fantastic if you want to explore what makes various systems of belief tick on an abstract level - the real nuts and bolts of the religiosity being discussed - but the actual myths tend to be treated more as products of the values and beliefs at the core of the given discussion than anything else.

campbell was a dirty hippy satanist. stick with varg who practices what he preaches.

>being a pagan
>not having >6 children
never gonna make it

First you become a pagan, then you have more than 6 children.

her sources are past lives, her theory is not supported by anyone but her husband and his clique on YT, self published...

I've never heard them speak of anything that could resemble anything metaphysical. All the mythologies are basically just ways of retelling childbirth and reincarnation. I guess reincarnation might have some metaphysical element to it but really even that they seem to try and make it seem without any metaphysics to it also. It's just remembering, you get reincarnated by your children going into your grave and taking your chinbone and basically "becoming" you. Which only makes sense if there is no metaphysical element to it, otherwise you've basically destroyed the child and reincarnated in its place.

I've seen tours of their houses too and I've never seen anything to do with an altar or something like that. I'd be very surprised if the Varg family performs sort of worship.
Yeah I know. But at least they've read a lot it seems.

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