Was he, dare I say it, a hack?

Was he, dare I say it, a hack?

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calling freud a hack is like calling Aristotle or Plato a hack.

Don't see the problem here

decent criticism, but, I think Freud, Plato and Aristotle will survive your harsh words, user

Not really, early psychology just didnt grant the unfalsifiability demanded by science.

He did way too much cocaine.

Yes and no. Don't underestimate the significance psychoanalysis has had in our culture, academia, media and social lives.

but in terms of hard-wrought psychological insight and rigor, he is a hack

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Quite right.
This is what I've been trying to convince people about. No one takes him seriously in general. Everyone is apt to dismiss him altogether without realizing his contributions to psych.

>comparing Freud to Aristotle or Plato

he was closer to being a cult leader than a scholar of any kind. It is unironically Jewish tricks, and the reason he was so successful was because of Jews doing their typical insular bullshit

he is still worth reading though because he had very interesting ideas, the book On metapsychology is a good kind of outline I find. He will make you think about things

>implying contemporary psychology does

not even close, you fucking illiterate

>le Freudian psychoanalysis is unfalsifiable meme
This is isn't actually true
Still, Freud's a hack in the same way that Aristotle is a hack

how will they recover from this burn...

I agree 100%

Most of his ideas are complete bullshit, but interesting to read.

For actual psychology, go to Carl Jung.


not literature
not math or science
not video games
not food or cooking

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The only thing he got right was the Oedipus complex. Everything else well, it leaves a bit to be desired. Although his interpretation of Nietzsche was refreshing. Still better than Jung.

classical analysis>psychoanalysis

Psychology is a humanity and therefore falsifiable
Contemp psych may claim to be a science
but it has a massive replication problem. .

I disagree with many of his conclusions but you don't call an intellectual who did that much coke a hack. Hacks are almost always straightedge. A nut or eccentric maybe, but he wasn't a pseud or hack

It's philosophy therefore literature.

holy fuck I just looked it up and its TRUE

function analysis > complex analysis > multidimensional analysis > classical analysis < psychoanalysis

One of the greatest minds of all time. Freudian psychology gets shit on far more than it deserves. Many of his theories are accurate, and are still enormously powerful tools, and still significant to this day.

Freud is responsible for turning the western world into the dystopian nightmare it is today.