Are you a cursed soul that needs to finish every book he starts?

Are you a cursed soul that needs to finish every book he starts?

If so, what's the worst hell you've been trapped in?

Pic related for me.

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did you not like this masterpiece?

Longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure.
now you have to read proust owned

Don Quixote, jesus fucking christ that was a tough one to get through

Proust is pleasurable to read so I don't mind the length

How did you not enjoy The Consoled? It’s a flawless dream sequence with beautiful characters, a consistently relentless pace, and a highly intriguing and engaging plot.

This piece of trash. The beats have to be one of the most overrated mongoloids ever. His prose reads like the ramblings of a pretentious teenager who thinks he's deep.

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For me it was Samuel Beckett's trilogy, the name of which escapes me. It was all three books put into one volume, but I "cheated" and after finishing the first book considered it done. It was awful.

I'm 500 pages into David Copperfield and it's starting to get uphill

Lost interest once the psych/neuroscience content thinned out.

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Just shut the fuck up Kazuo

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that's literally my favourite book

Pinker is such a fraud.
> Read introduction
> Pinker argues that genetics disprove blank slate environmentalism
> get excited for the book
> then states racial IQ differences are not related to genes but environment
> what a total cuck
> what a liar
> genes don’t account for intelligence but disprove blank slate - what Talmudic shit
> then I realise Pinker is Jewish

Honestly all brianlets (You) need to be expelled from this board. You’re just ruining all the fun


>Reading this is like experiencing the surrealist hell that the main character is going through
That's the point

the illiad, i just keep falling asleep while reading it. also where the fuck my nigga ulysess at?

Yeah this was real bad.

>tfw I start reading books, get past the halfway point, somehow end up starting something else and then never get around to finishing the first book

The worst hell I have read myself through is definitely self-help books (Often business related) someone in the family keeps giving me.

To be honest I gave in about half way.
I really tried though, but eventually I had to cave in, I found it too hard to follow.

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But bro, first a guy stabbed a guy and another guy got mad and stabbed another guy and then a few more died etc.


I am no longer like that. But I decided to read some books because they are important and read the brothers Karamazov all the way through. What a boring load of nonsense. It has enough bullshit in it related to religion and so on for the pseuds to use as interpretation fuel


Yeah I have around 10 half-finished books that I intend to finish some day. Having an e-reader doesn't help at all.

My question about The Unconsoled is more concerned with Ishiguro’s technical abilities (or lack thereof?) as a novelist and storyteller in general. Cause and effect and an inherent logic seem at least to me crucial in keeping a reader engaged, in constructing a world and characters that, even if abnormal or obtuse, adhere to a sort of structure. In TU, things continually happen to Ryder, but Ryder is hardly ever active. This *should* make him uninteresting, but it doesn’t. Furthermore, supporting characters seems to act arbitrarily, their emotions fluctuating without stimulus, without reason. This should make them uninteresting, but doesn’t. Lastly, the setting lacks any sort of coherence, and often seemingly faraway locations suddenly *appear* adjacent to one another, or even interconnected (See the Cafe where Ryder left Boris and the meeting hall where debates with Christoff and his students).

None of this should work, but all of it does. Why do you think this is?

I usually end up deciding that it's better to start from the beginning again, and so they go back on to my reading list.

have you read anything else by ishiguro? if you think ishiguro lacks "technical abilities" (i think i know what you mean but thats a stupid term) you're just way off base

So just read The Trial and don't bother to read the same themes in other inferior iterations?

I must have been a little vague there. I mean that in The Unconsoled he seems to eschew all the formal elements of fiction in such I way that I’d assume the novel would fail, and yet, despite this, it succeeds.

I also disagree with the numerous analyses online describing it as “Kafkaesque.” If anything its Proustian or Nabakovian

he wrote it when he was slightly older than a pretentious teenager so it makes sense.

I felt the same when I'd first read it, but I was also young and fairly ill-read. Got through it despite that and felt pretty rewarded, yet kind cheated by the end, mostly because of my ignorance and inattentiveness. Give it time, user. Read other stuff and come back to it when you're about 30.

This. Quixote is honestly one of the worst classics I've ever read. It redefined tedium in literature for me.