Of all the authors you like, which one is most beautiful?

Of all the authors you like, which one is most beautiful?

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Beautiful in what sense?

agatha christie

I have in mind physical beauty which you may define as you please.

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Uncle Ted

Ted was a surprisingly handsome lad

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Anyone who doesn't say Clarice Lispector hasn't read & seen Clarice Lispector desu

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A woman with fashion sense that bad has got to be some kind of intelligent. I could just be projecting, but I love women who dress like shit

a few days of nofap and nothing really matters

>hairline of doom
>upper eyelid exposure
>midfacial hypoplasia
>faggy ass lips
>super high gonial angle
>nerdic phenotype with ginger hair

byrone was a legit JUST case

What do you mean?

>tfw no kerouac bf

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Oscar Wilde. Im not even gay and I think he's attractive.

No I have not read any of his work.

>his gonial angle is like 180° wtf lol
yeah wtf is up with that, almost twice the proper angle. ewwww.

I have bad news for you

you'll fuck a log if someone put lipstick on it

her fashion sense isn't bad, it's just IDGAF/ironic scruffy intellectual outfit

If it had holes, probably

Who this, I like girls who dress like this
The New York Socialite type girls get me so fucking hard

A cool Twitter lady I came across


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There can be only one.

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He's certain in the top five I should think.

She's an hispanic tradcon too. What a find

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She doesn't post any pictures of her face.

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Never before have I felt such a pronounced attraction for another man.

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yea, by her choice of words, she's from spain.

i shudder with fear at the thought of what you look like


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>Oriental author

That's cheating...

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ew nevermind

special snowflake, likely has borderline or some other cluster b disorder

yea, there's mention of suicide in her twitter.

still would. she has a nice body

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There's something to be said for Kafka, at least when he wasn't in his giant hair phase.

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You're right. But may we also consider Donna Tartt?

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