You know exactly what to do boys

You know exactly what to do boys...

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You haven’t read anything?
If you don’t use it you lose it my user dummy.

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these threads belong on a lesser board

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I wasn’t expecting this ending!

Still here?

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Get this decadent art deco template out of my sight

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ther ones with a lot of shit are never funny and people who make them cant meme.

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is this seriously just a bunch of random shit that's supposed to confuse us?

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Accurate, this was a great read by the pool in the summer.

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neoplatonism features in crime and punishment?

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Orthodoxy definitely has platonic undertones


So you read Revelation?

Revelation, Genesis, Ezekiel, etc.

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It does make you appreciate the grandness of direct battle between the gods when compared to that of the Iliad, and especially the part in the Iliad where there is direct interference.