This, plus coffee...

This, plus coffee, is the BARE MINIMUM required for an ugly 27 year loser beta autist to get through a day in 2018 after having no passions, a wasted youth, and being demoralised by the sight of Staceys everywhere.

>no passions
>everything feels like work
>no female attention ever
>no friends or social experiences since school
>never been to pub, club, or party
>had to be this type of loser all through university, when other people were having the time of their lives
>lifting solved nothing
>fully see the arbitrariness of all philosophical axioms

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Was this thread meant for lit?

>posts this on every board every day for 5+ years
sage and report as per usual

>wah wah I deserve a good life

>Ham and mustard
Good taste OP, now make your own.

has there been a scientific cross benefit anaylsis study on the long term health benefits of this life style as opposed to a few puffs of weed a day? You may get the munchies but you wouldnt eat THAT much shit, and you may feel happier

Sugar addiction is a serious thing mate

Seriously what is the point of using this board as your personal diary every day? Please just see a therapisy”t, OP you clearly need serious paychological treatment.

>fully see the arbitrariness of all philosophical axioms

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your gonna get the diabetes and then you will be much less happy, you wont know how good you have it. You think you experience pain, and deserve to punish yourself with more pain, but you will experience more pain, and then regret this. Your future self regrets to inform you it regrets these acitivies, man up, put a stop to them, purchase a hooker, go to a 3rd world, find a woman with 1 arm to marry

This. Either smoke weed or go to a therapist and get some prescriptions for xanax or something, you're not gonna make it this way

Fuck off normie at least you went to university.

Who the fuck dips doritos in salsa?

Nah dude, I'd only eat that much under the influence of weed.

Relevant information: I'm not the OP, and today I've had two buns and half a pack of bacon.

If you're gonna eat trash why not eat tasty trash?
>donair pizza
>pepperoni poutine
>homemade macaroons or chocolate chip cookies
>Miss Vickies sour cream and caramelized onion chips
> Premium Caramel Praline ice cream
Skittles are a gross meme. If you're going to kill yourself with food get some greasy-fried style.

God damn you must be ugly and obese. But "free" healthcare so it's okay, right?

If you were truly upset you wouldn't have such an appetite

Download tinder or something, can people really get zero female attention? I know one guy who has never kissed a girl out of everyone I know and he’s 21 stone and has aspergers

OP here, I feel like I need pepsi max now so add that to the bare minimum

Binge eating can be a common symptom of a lot of mental ailments

What do you get out of posting here? and why Veeky Forums instead of r9k?

I'm in the same situation as you OP only I'm 32. Read Meditations and the other stoics, that's what helped me. If you're looking for help of course.

I'm on a cut and I would do a lot of unholy things to down that in a sitting providing that they account for 0 calories

>cool vaginal
Dorito flavors are getting a bit out of hand