Cam someone explain to me what a postmodern neomarxist is? What is the foundational text that I should read?

Cam someone explain to me what a postmodern neomarxist is? What is the foundational text that I should read?

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It's what Americans call people who they don't like for what Americans call "leftist views". You should avoid reading anything because the foundational text of that society is not reading and talking about things you don't understand regardless to people who are equally misinformed but you believe to be wrong.

Frederic Jameson - Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

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From Caligari to Hitler

>postmodernism is hard to define therefore you can't criticize it

why is sadler such a pseud?

Literally not what he said at all.

>foundational text
Plus Foucault and Adorno.

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if only petersonfags actually read, then they would realize how fucking oblivious they all sound

You can't be "postmodern" and a strict marxist at the same time, what a weird idea. Is this what Peterson has been telling to his flock? I think the closest to that definition would be the scholars who wrote about intersectionality

Jameson's a good example, he's writing about postmodernity but he's a hardcore high-modernist
Same for Adorno. Barthes was an old-school marxist and why the fuck would you bring up Mythologies. Foucault is the only postmodern thinker mentioned here but because of that he was barely a marxist

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Well, first you need to understand Marxism. Pic related.

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>You can't be "postmodern" and a strict marxist at the same time

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Well I'm not familiar with him so I can't really respond to that. I meant that if one identify with a "postmodern philosophy", he won't recognize the use of historical materialism, or say dialectics, and thus won't be a "strict marxist" at all. Marxist historiography being a narrative just like any other one. You can be postmodern and endorse communism, but you can't be a marxist stricto sensu

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