Is there any money left in being a novelist? Why do people still write books?

Is there any money left in being a novelist? Why do people still write books?

If you were a talented storyteller, wouldn't it make more sense for you to go into film/series/video games?

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>why do people still write books
Self expression, interest in experimenting with the medium, autism, who knows

>wouldn't it make more sense for you to go into film/series/video games?
No. There isn't enough creative freedom there. Those are super restricted mediums.

>film/series/video games?
those are all incredibly closed professions. even more so than print publishing

It's not about being a "talented storyteller", it's about telling the story you want to tell. It's about fucking up in your own terms.

>any money left in being a novelist?

there was never money in being a good one. you can always write for the masses using maslows pyramid as a guide.

>video games

>but muh games can tell stories as well
plebiest thinking there is,

Who's that beautiful female (male)?

Yeah OP, there is still money in novels. Just because yours isn’t flying off means you are a shit writer.

I finished white tiger last week. Absolutely great and written by a contemporary writer. Maybe you all should be trying harder?

You know what keeps me motivated while writing? Thinking that someday there's gonna be porn of the physically idealized female characters I implemented in my writing. Finally I just have to type a name into Gelbooru instead of a manifesto of tags.
Think smart, nigga.

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Is this chick from Northern Utah? If so, I went to school with her.

>video games
Those stories are made well before the writer gets them.

Only if you're working for someone else, I took three years researching and writing my game before I started development. It's a big risk but I finally figured out the use of 'video games' when it comes to storytelling or artistic potential. Every gameplay element is there only to serve the story. It probably won't sell well because it honestly isn't fun to play, but I find it interesting

I don't usually like white girls, but godamn

What do you usually like?


I'm a writer earn roughly as much as the average physician in my city.

oh shit that reminds me i havent check r/sissyhypno in like two days

one could sell their shit easily on amazon. probably not enough to make a living. same side of the same coin if you can't sell anything on amazon you probably can't write a decent vidya story. get goood

Whats in there?


like 80% of all sissy hypno creators post their new shit there and sometimes put direct links to megas or google drives of it in hd in case it gets hit with a copyright claim, also people just discuss random sissy shit, you can rub shoulders with top creators like pandorasissy and seattlejasmine etc. somebod has posting teaser trailers to some "full length hypno experience" thing that they're going to release in the fall that looks as good as any deepslutpuppy or pandora stuff

so it's not porn?

>Why do people still write books?

finishing your first novel is a lot like taking the biggest shit of your life. it's painful and embarrassing and you are glad when it's over, but you still feel a sense of achievement.

also people will have the same reaction to it.

as artistic medium, literature work and function better than film, and game is not an artform (rare exception to Undertale tho)

it's videos/photos of girls sucking dicks (with the dick in focus) and words flashing over them like:
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>you're daddys girl!
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stuff like that. you can't be a tortured homosexual anymore to create good art since they normalized being gay, you have to be some extreme genderbender robosexual monster.

A lot of games that try to tell stories are usually derided by neckbeards for not being real games. Shit like Firewatch, which is super comfy, is called a "walking sim." Something like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture would be very Veeky Forums.

TellTale games give the illusion of choice and are story-driven, but there's not real impact. Until Dawn does it better.

Fuck, just don't give in and transition. That's the cop out. Build up those thoughts and feelings, and then turn that into a creative force. There's a real potential for transgressive fiction featuring (heh) transexual narratives outside of the typical "I found myself" narrative that makes it into memoirs, or the YA trash a la Meredith Russo.

The best novels I've read featuring homoerotic impulse are things like Confessions of a Mask. As long as you don't act on those desires it's all good. Personally I have a tranny muse with a tragic life I've been mining for material.

Sounds really cool user, could you please tell me more?

quality and _marketable_ authors will always be in demand, agents & publishers will always make you whole

being a novelist is the only active creative profession that I know of where you're in complete control of the narrative and content of your story... those other fields are are highly collaborative, which is a polite word for creatively restrictive

Oh god, user. Genderbender robosexual monster made me laugh way too hard.

The problem with other mediums is that they are collaborative or multidisciplinary. If you want to make a video game you also need to know how to create art and music, program, etc. If you want to make a film you have to deal with cameras, actors, etc. If you want to write you can just write by yourself and have total control. You might have an editor I guess.