Who are some "authors" you can't stand?

Who are some "authors" you can't stand?
Dislike him. Second-rate, ephemeral, puffed-up. A nonentity, means absolutely nothing to me. Awful.
Even more awful than Camus.

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Nailed it. The two worst and most criminal French "intellectual" writers.

I've got eight words for you: you're brainlets.

>Dislike him.
Could have stopped there.

I tried to read L'Etranger but the perspective of the protagonist was so tryhard and fraudulent I was not bothered to finish the work, a non-entity indeed

This board's fascination with Nabokov's quips against other authors is so embarassing. Study those writers' work for yourselves. Or even Nabokov's. Something. Just pay attention to literature and not the social climbing and sniping, you fraudulent fucks.

The absolute state of this poster. An ideal pseud. Passionately grieved and honest but of a maudlin kind


Is there a pic like this for stirner yet?

I agree OP

I have, Nabokov's opinions on writers are extremely accurate for the most part. The only one I disagree on is Dostoevsky


>Anonymous 6
Dislike him. Second-rate, ephemeral, puffed-up. Mediocre. Fakes realism with easy platitudes. Execrable.

You agree with him on Thomas Mann?

This. Nabokov opinion on Thomas Mann is appalling

Gay pedo

Don Delillo can't write for shit. White Noise is the most underwhelming "classic" I've ever had the indignity of reading

I am not your personal property.

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nor I

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Shakespeare. Gibberish! Signifying nothing. A true genius would compose clear and simple sentences, eschewing obsolete words for the language of the time. Hark! Methinks he was a retard!

Five minutes in paint

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That just looks like a regular Stirner drawing

>Dislike him. Second-rate, ephemeral, puffed-up. A nonentity, means absolutely nothing to me. Awful.
Isn't this a Nabokov quote?

The thing you have to understand about Nabokov's quips are that they're made in jest and to just attract attention to himself as a writer. What better way to get publicity than to criticize a famous writer as bad? Have you heard of Donal Trump? Looks like Ol' Donny reads the Nabby quite often.

At the time Nabokov made these statements he really wasn't in need of any more publicity.

A man is always in need of more (you)s

make the brows meet and make them heavier.

He was a homosexual pedophile (and wrote a fictionalized version of that).

OPs entire post is taken from Nabokov's notes on other authors.

>literally the most accurate one
Never gonna make it

"Ol' Donny" would (rightfully) never give Nabakov the time of day. As an ESTP, he sees through Nabakov's INFJ pomposity

Stefan Zweig. Such a bigoted cuck w/ nothing interesting to say.

Redpill me on Zweig

Nabokov is textbook INFP, retard. I don't know or care about the Donald but you're probably wrong there too if you'd mistype Vlad like that.

I don't think Trump really knows how to read. Not illiteracy, but more extremely short attention span and absolute disinterest in literature. He speaks like a scrabble board that only allows two syllable words.

>Nabokov is textbook INFP, retard.
Not that user but I don't see it. I'm an INFP and he seems INFJ by a mile.

>this post
INFJ are one of the least pompous, because they're the least affected. And if anyone is seeing through other people, it's the INFJ. That's their prime raison. They have super stats for that shit.

Oscar Wilde, D.H. Lawrence, David Foster Wallace. I just can't do it

Dosto, Mann, Balzac, Pynchon, Cervantes