How does Veeky Forums succeed in reading all the books you wanna read?

How does Veeky Forums succeed in reading all the books you wanna read?
I already have like 8 books which I wanna read and already have some more in mind like pic related, but never really get around to sit down and read them.
Also, are pic related, Flannery O'Connor, Less than Zero and Nachtwachen worth the read?

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Stop fucking posting on the Internet and READ.

Fucking child

Your pic is a fun book, but it doesn't really have a meaning. I didn't feel satisfied after finishing as with most books.

Let me improve my question, how do you succeed in reading all the stuff you wanna read while maintaining social life, family life, household and school without spending 98% of your spare time reading?

How many books do you plan to read?

spend 20-30 minutes reading before bed each night. Voila.

I'm planning to read like 12(?) novels so far.
I will post a complete list tomorrow.

I don't.

By making reading a priority.

Personally I go through phases, this year I have only listenes to the odd audiobook, last year I was in the same boat as you and had a lot of spare time at night due to a tit hungry newborn, so I read a book every week or two.

You're a mom?

the ending was a false one, ignatius kills himself in the unedited version. they wouldn't publish it that way, so his mother and the publishers edited it for a more positive, albeit far less potent ending. hence the feeling you got of being robbed.

stop playing video games and masturbating
stop using the internet/social media/smartphone
stop watching tv

start reading


Did your breasts swell?

It does seem like a good ending, but Ignatius doesn't really seem the depressed type. It's kind of a sad ending to a primarily funny book. Idk, maybe Toole made it work

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I didn't turn into a dairy cow for fun.

Fargo, sorry

Yes, and the leaked all the time.

How old are you? Do you read the Greeks to your baby?

>only 8

i've got 50+ on my kindle that i haven't finished

It's a good libro if you've been to or know NOLA. I enjoyed it, but I go to Tulane: I'm a bit biased. The writing seems amateurish. Not the best, but comfy.

My dad unironically read me the Greeks as a child


30, and a couple times actually. My voice gave out after about 15 minutes tho, plus for the first 6 months they are potatos and don't really care about being read to.

that sounds like a good deal. my dad just kept talking about how great the great gatsby was and how important it was in his english class in college but he never said anything else about it.