Dan Schneider Writes A Great Poem In Real Time


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This is actually a really good video

pure autism

What's his name again?

Dan "She's a biter, hold her tighter" Schneider?

Fun fact, this Dan Schneider claims that the Nickelodeon Dan Schneider had an e-mail exchange with him at some point.

isn't this that dude that sucks at everything so he whines about people who don't?

is this the guy who sperged out about infinite jest?

He has referred to himself (quite sincerely) as the greatest poet to have ever lived, based on a metric of quality/quantity.

Why does he have such a faggoty voice?

Dan, please leave. We don't welcome faggots like you (self promoting talentless hacks trying to build a fringe following). I'm getting really sick of seeing your threads every few weeks.

i like dan but im not really interested in his own creative output

You know, I wasn't triggered by his reviews, but the fact that he considers himself the objectively greatest poet of all time is just so unbelievably faggy

Friendly Veeky Forums tripfag here to let you know that I am apart of Dan Schneider's already existing fringe following.

>implying you aren't Dan himself pathetically adding layers to the persona
U can't ruse me, dirty fuck

>Friendly Veeky Forums tripfag here
Never seen you around before. What a coincidence.

Gtfo Dan. Go and read a book or something.

I'm a /mu/trip, and am also the most successful hip-hop artist ever to come out of Veeky Forums.

>I suck huge cock, and have guzzled more cum than any other Veeky Forums trip.

That isn't anything close to what I said, and I don't appreciate your libelous attack on my character.
You should be ashamed for trying to disrespect Dan Schneider and the Cosmoetica website through his fans rather than his work.

I feel like less of a pseude now, so thanks for that. Honestly cringe af how mechanical and unthinking the whole process was. Totally focused on style and orthodoxy.

Dan "the kike at Nick giving tykes the dick" Schneider?

Dan "Do What You Must, I've Already Won" Schneider

Dan "75 billion+ page reads" Schneider