Does Veeky Forums need help to be more inclusive?

Does Veeky Forums need help to be more inclusive?

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Just remember that some inclusive language is more important than others.

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are you suggesting you are opposed to this?
You need to realize that fighting this kind of thing is pointless and you are far better off accepting it. Conformity to whatever the dominant social-rules happen to be is the best choice one can make. Doing anything anti-social is just juvenile

Is this some high-level irony I'm too dense to understand?

Are 3D women important? An user told me otherwise.

Professionally you are right, I've worked too hard to get shafted for not towing the line with this shit. That's what a lot of people begrudgingly do, until the day they don't.

yes, how dare you not accept things that are considered social progress? it'd be far easier to just accept raping children instead of opposing it, you dumb shit juvenile. get with the fucking times, grandpa. just let the social wheel grind you until all sense of introspection reveals that your opinions are meaningless.
go fuck yourself, you dogshit sandwich. no progress was made by following the tragically incoherent social rules spouted by freshly minted adults once teens in a world where every fingerpainting was held as a magnificent prize to be beheld by the lowly shitheads who feed you.
you intolerable fucking swine, you shitsacked dickeating shartstain.
if someone wants to resist what they see as morally indefensible acts perpetrated by soulless and mindless cogs in a wheel gone astray, your complaints have no result other than fuelling that incessant flame of truth borne in their chests.

i mean, fuck, it's almost as though people like you don't think that at one time, people didn't have slaves, and someone had the idea, propagated it, and eventually it became a social trend that to resist was considered the height of folly, but no, it's almost as though you believe that somehow, some way, social opinion at large is the defining aspect of truth, amd that any moral pursuit is worth fuckall. have you ever considered, perchance, that the group could be just flat wrong? that the idea one should have say, a pen, that stops you when you say a potentially censored term, that stops you and asks if you'd rather say something socially approved for the sake of flintskinned dipshits who won't even buy your cumstained diary to begin with, might be an utterly insane one? that maybe people shouldn't have to program in a free speech mitigator into a fucking word processing system?

This is why following social progress is important, people. It keeps you from sounding like this.

take note: how puerile is as opposed to who is obviously a functioning adult

as I said, any anti-social behavior is indicative of a childish framing of the world. Out in the real world, conformity is the ruling principle and in the current climate and environment, you are INCAPABLE of mounting any sort of resistance that would have any efficacy at all.
Given the inherent worthlessness of life, it is obvious that there is nothing which would justify taking any sort of action that would only result in the most pathetic and humiliating suffering. Because that is all that you will earn: a pathetic, insignificant ostracization that will not be any sort of martyrdom but only a humiliating and impotent continuance of a life refused and mocked by everyone else
Capitalist-Realism does not allow for any point of rebellion, it owns all avenues and modes, it preempts every action you might take and will make it into a flaccid spectacle which will then be converted into profit, while you become a leper
Social Norms are the new Deity. Luckily its fairly benevolent, if you don't act like a fucking moron and sink yourself for the sake of being a myopic, edgy /pol/tard

yes, we must always follow the liberal progressive slant, that's why Hillary Clinton is presiden...

You seem like a super cool guy brotismo. Fancy getting down to some phat beats this weekend with me?

This is some next level wage slavery...

if you think Trump is outside of the Capitalist-Realism matrix you are naive

How have you determined that resistance to this type of ideology is anti-social and not the other way around?

This is your brain on nihilism.

As a man who works in a factory making your god damned bran flakes, go fuck yourself, by the way. I'm sure you'll scoff, since what worth has a lowly factory worker's words of violent dissent?
Fuck you, your fucking tower is falling. your precious internet is falling. Armageddon is nigh, faggot. The turning wheel of gender dipshitism is transient. Your fanny pack and your trendy bicycle won't win you any prizes with the meat distributors. Think, omce you've phased out my kind, the men who toil, endlessly, robotically, who will make every single aspect of your life utterly convenient?
who will entitle you to these opinions rather than the inevitably fruitless attempt to survive on your own?
you trendy faggot, you trendy fucking faggot. you think a mature view is one that follows the same path as the next fucking twitter explosion? fuck sake. I'll be spitting in your god damn bran flakes tonight, boy.

>mfw the prole thinks he matters

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You're world is back to front, they're the anti social ones.

you know, it may not be bran flakes that i'm hocking loogs into, friend, it may be any number of food products i prepare for distribution that i'm infecting with my discarded lozenges and hepatitic blood, and my herpetic sputum may soon find its way rolling into your overnight oats, or your sweet sweet silk almond milk, who knows, you dipshit faggot.
the pillars of society are not the consumers themselves, but those trolls that keep the bridges intact, that breathe life back into your dumpy shit styrofoam cars, that breathe life back into your lumpy craven body after you suck in too much redbull for your shitstained body to handle.

I don't buy my food from companies that are cheap enough to make it possible for employees to do that

if this isn't bait then yikes
I'm glad robots are going to be replacing these vindictive, low-iq dumbasses soon, at least then I won't have to worry that when Cletus hears someone go against the /pol/ memes he starts contaminating the food of innocents