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One eye is watching you, the other eye is watching your mother.

Even more awful than Camus.


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one eye on Husserl
one eye on Simone's cul

despite his ties with communism, he wasn't a commie


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Heidegger was much the greater and more profound thinker. Sartre will be remembered for his literary work.

Can someone actually explain why Sartre is so universally shit on by Veeky Forums? No one's ever explained why he sucks, they just say it like it's a given.

ey dude Fuck Off

He's a manlet

Uhhh sweetie that meme is old as fuck

>rating the validity of arguments on how funny they are
I'm leaving this place.

Sartre is the most hated intellectual in academia iirc.

Read him and find out for yourself. If you can't even be bothered, u don't deserve to know

t.hasnt read him

Yeah and he dated a philosophical babe

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Height is irrelevant, moron. It's socially conditioned, one only considers himself "tall" or "short" when using others for the comparison. Height is irrelevant for writing or philosophy.

>I've never read anything but the communist manifesto and my work experience consists of being a part time server to buy beer while my parents (bourgeois trash) pay for my humanities degree
>but let me tell you why I know communism, immigration, interbreeding, and universal gender reassignment is the solution to all our problems
College aged anythings are garbage.

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hahahahahahahaha when will they fuckin learn

I can't tell who's side you're on and I like it

just wait until you realize that some college aged garbage raised by bourgeois trash don't give a shit about any of those solutions.

and then take a think about how you're a reactionary trying to solve the problem of college aged garbage.

and then realize that I'm eating cashews, pistachios, writing poetry, and eating a block of cheese whole while you care. while you so care.

this was fun i'm going to go over there and drink my milk now and read chapter 8 of the black tulip. wait. ch 9.

keep it up boss. you make the world go round.

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Cèline on Sartre 1945

>Oh, I don’t wish little J. P. S. any harm! There where he is his fate is cruel enough! Since we’re talking about a homework assignment I would give him a seven out of a possible twenty and let’s not talk about it anymore . . . But on page 462 the little turd shocks me! The damned rotten asshole! What does he dare to write? “If Céline supported the socialist theses of the Nazis it’s because he was paid.” And I quote. Yes! This then is what this little dung-beetle wrote while I was in prison risking a hanging. Filthy little bastard full of shit, you come out from between my ass cheeks to soil me from outside! Cain anus ptooey! What are you hoping for? That they murder me! It’s obvious! Here! Let me squash you! Yes! . . . I see his photos, those bug eyes . . . that hook . . . that slobbering leech . . . he’s a cestode! What won’t he invent, this monster, so that they assassinate me! Barely out of my caca and he denounces me! What’s best is that on page 451 he has the venom to warn us: “A man who finds it natural to denounce men can’t have our notion of honor. He doesn’t even see those for whom he is a benefactor with our eyes; his generosity, his kindness is not like our kindness and generosity: it isn’t possible to localize passion.”

> I am forced to see J. P. S. only in the skin of an assassin, and even more, of a fucking police informant, cursed, hideous, a pain in the ass, rumor monger, a donkey in glasses. Here I am getting carried away! It’s not appropriate for my age or condition! . . . I was going to close here . . . disgusted, that’s all . . . I think it over . . . Assassin and brilliant? We’ve seen this before . . . After all . . . Maybe that’s the case with Sartre. An assassin he is, he wants to be one, that’s understood, but brilliant? Brilliant tiny turd of my ass? Hmmm? . . . That remains to be seen . . . yes, to be sure, that could blossom . . . make itself known . . . but J. B. S.? His embryo eyes? His mean and petty shoulders? That fat little gut . . . and philosopher! . . . that adds up to a lot of things

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I don't think I like you, but we could probably be friends.

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Classic Celine

fuck you stain why should I waste my time on you.

want some cranberries? they're dried crans

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Even though they didn't last, my best friendships have been based in open hatred. And yes, I'd love some craisins.

you mean de based

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Friends are for the weak

Existentialism is already dumb enough. Anyone who believes the essence of something can be its own teleological end probably likes to eat crayons.

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well you must have been dealing in actual hatred then.
or with people who lack a degree of separation.
craisins are too sweet. these are cranberries.

I see the masks they put on have fooled you into a sense of reality.
if this is really your sentiment. you're the weak one.
or just absolutely revolting to be around.
they usually coincide.

holy shit this guy doesn't enjoy his tuesday crayons hahaha

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You talk like a bitch with a pain up her snatch.

must be the gruyere

Literally everything he has ever done, literary and philosophical, is borrowed and he does it worse than the people he borrows from. The only original thing he did was try and marry existentialism and marxism, and it was only original because he's the only person dumb enough to try it because he's an ideology blinded hack.