What languages are important to learn...

What languages are important to learn, not in order to read iconic works but rather to enhance ones range of expression in writing?

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italian and latin. also, korean.

Latin, French, German? By enhance range of expression do you mean use phrases and words from another language in otherwise English writing?

Are you trying to make OP autistic?

I mean languages that are so fundamentally different that they are more apt to deal with subtle and sophisticated ideas.

so yes, German and...?

>What languages are important to learn
your native one to an expert level

>English, you prog (I don't what this word means but it sounds offensive).
Otherwise, any language will do so long as you actually LEARN the grammatical concepts and how they differ in English.

What about Russian?

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>believing some languages are inherently more efficient and sophisticated is relativistic

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You sound so confused. Try rephrase that sentence.

What's wrong with it? I'm genuinely worried because I can't even see an error. Maybe I'm losing my grip on reality.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, bruh, if yu have to LEARN a language you are already just a hack get over it. write in your native tongue, do not be a faggot

>dur french ppl r sophisimicated cuz they speak french not cuz they're from the birthplace of the enlightenment and home of paris

No I was thinking more about German and Mandarin actually. I don't think Romance languages could be of much use here.

I'm not a writer. I just do a lot of philosophizing and metaphysical contemplation and I wonder how English might be limiting the direction of my thoughts. I've often heard that Dasein for instance, can't really be adequately described in English.

English is probably the shittiest language for that kind of thing. It doesn't even have a world for "being" and another for "Being". You need German+Greek

english is a germanic language so why cant we just import them like we did for like 80% of all the other words in english that arent french

>being so autistic you need a word for Being