How do you even justify being a protestant in this day and age?

How do you even justify being a protestant in this day and age?

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>implying Protestantism = Lutheranism

The Anglican Communion is the only reasonable position.

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Well I mean, the reason people attack Luther is because he's viewed as the father of protestantism, is he not?

Unlike popery, protestantism is not (and cannot be by definition) a unified movement.

It refers to various resistances against the perversion of Christianity by papists and jesuits.

>protestants sects are formed to counter jesuits

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He unlocked Pandora's Box.

Protestants along the years after the "Reformation" have killed the gifts of Christ, the sacraments(WhichI believe it one of the biggest tragedies caused, if not the biggest). Luther rejected Scholasticism, thus rejected the idea of rationally knowing God. That is fine, because we cannot, but he went further under the impression that rationality could not converge to knowing God nor convince men in knowing God—this would address a man's capacity for God. If we could maximize that, we could evangelize more, be even more faithful, etc.

t. S.J.

Yeah being a theist is pretty embarrassing.

There is nothing wrong with this quote. Martin Luther was a prophet, not of Christianity, but of the abyss...

It really is a tragedy.

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>8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God


>Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up his son Isaac on the altar?


>Abraham offers his son (because of God's will)
>Doesn't actually end up killing him (not performing the works, but still being saved)


Hey, that's not sola scriptura thinking user!

By thinking that the Catholic church is wresting power from nations?

Free Bill is a meme

Why do you think that when Francis is trying to win over everyone with this lovey dovey message of Christianity.

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Obese Welshman's adultery church

Russian orthodox is the best.
>inb4 t. Ivan Igor Slavinov.

More like
>t. southern baptist convert

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>Yeah being atheist is pretty embarrassing.
There, much better off without that empty space.

Because he is a mason or some other kind of satanist, not at all unlike the egalitarians.

Are you a Sede or some non-Catholic