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I'm back

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Same I came back to
But I was here first


don't hijack my thread without asking me where I've been

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Hey, does anyone want to help me finish my postmodern ya novel?

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were putting together a team?

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anyone have an email that wants to read and flatter my poems?

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>This thread

Where has everyone been ?

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checked and count me in, i have about 220 pages of my first rough draft of my novella complete, if you show me yours i'll show you mine

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there was a reason I started this now I forget

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when are you gonna finish hegel? why are you putting it off? stop putting it off

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oh, we in here?

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what is this thread

which one of you little ladies is gonna come help momma on her vampire guy fieri time travel werewolf steampunk horror romp fan fic series?

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alfsvoidfag tought somebody noticed that he was missing.

shout out to all my fans, please subscribe and share my wattpad link with your friends and famly thanks

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does anyone want to hear about my epic poem with my cat fido as the protagonist hero? It is 2,000 lines

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she (he?) resembles my lesbian aunt, especially in voice

hey papa Sadler

goodnight gals, whos house are we doing bookclub and cocktails next week, emphasis on the tails?

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night night yall

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sweet dreams

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