Do you consider yourself a philosopher?

Do you consider yourself a philosopher?

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Many here do. No one has the right to.


oh god never, what is the point?

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I consider myself wise beyond my years, and simultaneously beyond the scope of time and knowledge. To call myself anything other than philosopher would be breaking my stoic's code.

cargo shorts or jorts?

Basketball shorts.

No. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do

what pepe is that?

looks like a pretty standard smug pepe to me

I don’t even consider myself smart. I understand the books that I read and even some harder stuff so I’m not s brainlet, but I’m definitely not an intellectual. I couldn’t really care for academia and would rather just make and play video games and fun novels and stories whenever I want. I might be a literary person but that doesn’t mean I’m Shakespeare level, hell I'm probably not even John green level

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It's Millennial woes, YouTuber

At the moment? Sweatshorts. I still vibrantly recall picking them out among the midsummer sale at my local store.

this but unironically

you're really smug and pretentious. the fact you typed all of this to explain how you're not smug and pretentious just makes you even more smug and pretentious
don't say "how"

No. Everyone have thought about existential dilemmas and shit, does not make everyone a philosopher.

thank you user
eat hippopotamus ass you madman

Yes - I am in the academy publishing papers and I uinronically shitpost in my spare time and visit Veeky Forums

>I am in the academy publishing papers
this is why the literati and intelligentsia need to be liquidated

arent u worried the fbi will leak your post history and you'll get your tenure pulled for being a secret member of the alt-right

aren't you worried about students not paying for you to be a faggot or rich people getting lynched and your money taken away?


I decided to read philosophy and became smarter than the majority of people I know

Philosophers just someone who realizes life is a cyclical prison and that nothing is more serious than escaping

>Philosophers just someone who realizes life is a cyclical prison and that nothing is more serious than escaping

we talking about legit philosophes not deadbeat dads scared of fulfilling their dharma

Doesn't sound like a philosopher. Sounds more like a writer of modernist novels.

I have a BA in phil (graduated with honours), I was recommended for grad school by my professors (might go for a law degree before I finish the philosophy meme though) and have several backlogged papers that I have written over the last year or so that I consider publishable in philosophic journals. I still don't think of myself as a philosopher in a formal sense, but I honestly think we get hung up on who is and isn't a philosopher. Any who writes can call themselves a writer, a painter a painter, a dancer a dancer. Why is philosophy so abstracted? If Heidegger could pull philosophy from A Pair of Shoes, how was Van Gogh not a philosopher? What about Dostoyevsky? Tolstoy? Both had written work that was deeply philosophical. But Camus wrote the "real" philosophical novels because he had the degree. It's all posturing; if you are philosophizing you are acting as a philosopher. That's the long and short of it. Just because you are a philosopher doesn't mean you are any good at philosophy.

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absolutely. i'm reading jordan peterson and socrates to start with. studying great minds already seems to be paying off as far as my general mental outlook goes

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.... Unironically yes.

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Could you say only society can consider someone a philosopher?

I was asked the same question by my philosophy teacher after my philosophy exam.
I couldn't really answer.

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uh bro of course

I don't believe I am in such level to be considered one. I read philosophy and try doing philosophy, but this dosen't make me a philosopher. Could make me a aspiring philosopher, but I am hardely someone that has reached the status of Plato's and Nietzche's, and so on.

tasty bait

>great mind
>compared to socrates


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Schopenhauer triggered a psychotic depression within me.
Shit was cash.

Nice bait

I think you're angry at one of the few people on Veeky Forums who isn't trying to appear intelligent.

define philosopher

Agree. Everyone provides answers and problems to answers for why questions; some do it better and some worse

yes i have a tractacus masturbatorius.

Prometheus didn't have the right to fire, Adam didn't have the right to the fruit, nobody had the right to revolt in any place in history.