Red Pill

What was the book/books that red pill you?

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head on back

Unironically just reading various histories relating to the classical world.

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>tfw devout believer in Romanticism, and Victorian idealisation of love
>want to devote myself utterly to one woman for the rest of my life
>also want to fuck Tinder thots


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The myth of the state - Ernst cassirer

The Forst Passage - Ernst Jünger, but mre improtantly suace on gril

thats the whole point. love wouldn't be worth anything if it were easy

Life is only suffering.

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this is the unique individualist identity of Veeky Forums internet anarchist subculture

>fucked tinder thots
>finally found true love
I can 100% attest to the fact that casual sex is empty and boring and being in love with someone is a whole different ballgame. The people that claim that there is no such thing as lovemaking have had terrible sex.

Don't give in, my brother. Imagine how shit you'll feel after fucking a useless thot while your dick leaks those last few drops of jizzum on her musty sheets. Save yourself for that special someone.

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how 2 find true love
i assume not through tinder

actually yeah I found her through tinder but we've been going strong for over a year now. it was kinda dumb luck and me refusing to be passive with a girl I was attracted to anymore.

your best bet IMO is to put yourself in a position where you will meet people with similar interests/worldview to you. Joining clubs etc.

Although I completely empathise with how shitty the dating scene is for young men right now.

I was a stupid commie asshole until I read Homage to Catalonia.

Oh, I agree. Up until three months ago I was in a relationship for 4 years. The sex was absolute amazing, and we had both been virgins.

The sex that I've had after has been fucking awful.

I know, user. I'm trying.

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Unironically, this book. This is by many considered the most eye-opening writing about socio-sexual relationships. It may use some very weird pick-up artist terms since it originated on a forum and a blog, but it presents it's ideas very clearly (if you can handle the slight verbosity).

More importantly, if you actually experience some of the things described in the book personally, it's like seeing behind the curtain of the behavior that underlies the current situation, atleast in the developed world. Heck, I wouldn't even be suprised it may break some people who have over-invested in the Disney™ experience. It made me really hate life and women for a while, but now I have come to understand and appreciate the knowledge. At least I see through women's manipulations now.

It will get some guaranteed negative remarks. The people who bash it are either women who don't want to face their nature (or hide it) or pathetic white knights who probably cannot even read through the first pages. I would just say, don't judge it until you have read some selected chapters.

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true, having to face our animalistic ways and drop the fantasies about love and pure women is harsh but worth it in the end.

might unironically try tinder once i move out

insane how many people have found partners through it