Where do I start with this guy? He seems to have many of the same ideas I've held from since my teenage years

Where do I start with this guy? He seems to have many of the same ideas I've held from since my teenage years.

I haven't read anything but genre fiction and the occasional "serious" """""literature""""""".

Thanks in advance ;)

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Mental illness is cool. Only highly intelligent people, such as myself, have them.

Human all too human

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Turtles all the way down is prolly his best

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Only a weak willed man would allow himself to be corrupted. I am a true thinker and a true philosopher.

Their face shapes are extremely different. Improbably different, even. Mother nature could not create two faces as different as these on her own. The only explanation is that Nietzsche must have gotten facial reconstruction surgery to invert his appearance to its opposite and changed his name to John Green.

I don't think that's Nietzsche on the left

Start with his first book, The Birth of Tragedy. He's a grill talking about it:

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Where to *start* with him? - Hard to say.

For me, Zarathustra has everything (and is the only work of his I reread constantly). However, be warned, it doesn't attempt to persuade, except in the way music persuades. If you're basically on his wavelength (and on his side) already, this gives you everything important he thought as powerfully and eloquently as it can be given, but if you're a dubious sceptic who wants to be won over with clever pilpul and long chains of reasoning supported at every link with erudite references, then forget it.

My advice is get a good Zarathustra (Hollingdale, assuming you can't read it in the original) and try the first four chapters or so. If you hate it, put it aside for a while and try something else:

If you prefer aphorisms with a lot of penetrating psychology - Human, All Too Human.

If you want classical scholarship - The Genealogy of Morals.

I would add, The Birth Of Tragedy is an equally good place to start, it's a lot more "normal", haha, and is his first book too.

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Maybe in its structure, but the ideas in it are quite far out.

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