Techwear thread

best acronym jacket.

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nigga looks like a gabber who shrunk down but his clothes stayed the same size.

goat acronym is goat

J47A-GT or J40-CH.

b u m p


how un-Veeky Forums

got em

new season when?

can't wait for the acronym x nike presto

id on shoes

What are some techwear shoes ?

Y 3 boots

I like this one even better. Too bad I only really wear black and white. If they did a bw version of that jacket I'd be broke forever.

Copped for $289 shipped new
How'd I do?

id on jacket?

>carrying your bag of goon that low

so much effort will be used to elevate it above your head

>headphones in backpack's ears
no one's head should be shaped like that
what a mess


anyone has experience with "surplus raw vintage" ?

stay away from that gaudy branding man


Where can I cop some nice waterproof cargo pants for less than Acronym and SISP money?

OP jacket is on sale on wellgosh for 600€


you right, niggas can't be Veeky Forums

post a fit

its nike

these are cool. dont like the pink one
nice job for $290 bud.
dont like the jeans (pants?) or shoes. waist up its really cool


thoughts on these?
should i cop em for winter or are there better options for the same price?

any info on upcoming F/W stuff?
particularly looking for jackets

I don't love them. Too much pleating for me, but they might look cool in the right outfit.

Anyone have any good sites or blogs for discussing techwear or posting inspo, reviews etc? Supertechwear seems dead and tumblr and Instagram don't have too much content.

Arc'teryx destroys these cucky try hard tech acronym jackets that are in no way practical.

looks like a girls coat from uniqlo
i'd say it is a lot more "cucky" than acrnoyms look

other than joggers, whats the best kind of pants for tech fits?

acronym and hardcore techwear is fucking stupid and you know it, no matter how much you want to disagree, you know I am right. fuck you, cunt

In what way is an Acronym jacket not practical?

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theyre fucking gay, thats is what makes them not practical, because they are fucking gay, mate

y u so angry mane

What makes them gay?

What's impractical about being gay?

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youve been listening to too much nigger bop

That doesn't answer my questions.

the funny thing is it actually does

lol angry ozzy is angry
enjoy wearing your faggy aqua blue jacket i guess and being mad online

Explain it to me.


This is an actually picture of the acronym store. Need a explain more? And you thoughto I was kidding with you?

I just bought this. does anyone else have a drybag?

that doesn't answer my question


no, but this looks cool as fuck.

sooo cheap
under $20

does anyone have the text that used to start techwear threads? the one with all the links and lists of labels and explanations of the history and merits of each label? i saw it once about a month ago and it was beautiful but didn't save and now i'm so sad...

Flyknit 3's

>In what way is an Acronym jacket not practical?
By costing like 1300 dollars...

jesus you can get them for like 600$ if you pay any attention to anything whatsoever

I got you

We should keep growing and refining it. It was just written off hand by a few people some parts might be wrong or incomplete. There are probably a lot of brands not on that list.

- nameless tech apparel
- ueg
- nid de guepes
- 11bbs


>guerilla group is the affordable version of WTAPS
so far everything seems to be priced the same or higher?

and way way cooler than wtaps. stability cargos and the grid tanks are top notch.

Does look neat.
Poorfag though. If they were 1/2~2/3 the price I'd be all over them.

buy less, buy better

It's what I try, but I still got budgets.
Can't really afford to drop $200~300+ on some pants.
Wish I could, but I can't.

ikr, still trying to justify myself plurging 500 bucks on a jacket.

That I can almost do (hardshells aint cheap), but nah man.
I don't exclusively do techwear, and I'm still in uni.

mix up some surplus and nike stuff. it is cheap and u can get a similar look. might not be as water resistant but will be tougher and last longer

is 4dimension still open?
Their site seems dead.

c/n? Pretty sure I remember someone posting a fit with this, if they can chime in on how it is

it looks good, tho i found this:

so you could technically cop SS16 ACG for the same price


get a marmot minimalist on sale
much better design and will last a whole lot longer

you're told for this board
so am I

>>not sure if it technically qualifies

someone laugh at my puns


Definitely not techwear and it's so unbelievably loud, I wouldn't wear it but I must admit, some of it is pretty cool

Would cop, but I gotta have an XS, and I'd rather it be black. Thanks anyways. I'm considering the tech woven pants on that site though.

Yeah, I'm aware that the real outdoor brands would be better in the long run but the branding bugs me. I'll still look around, really trying to find something more like the Veilance Actuator.

>real outdoor brands would be better in the long run but the branding bugs me

I use silnylon repair patches to cover branding - kills resale tho

The arc'teryx interstate may be of interest to you, looks like it's from veilance but it's mainline so better price oh and has minimal branding. I haven't tried one but could be worth a look

if you paid attention to this thread alone, another user mentioned

it said 600 euro not USD ;-;


mhm seems like it, and on top of that the euro is more valuable than the USD meaning that the € price will be even lower than the $ amount, $600 = €543

if youre interested take a look at these: asc

Thank you user, but i'll have to wait until i can afford this stuff

i don't know man. I guess it all depends on how much you're willing to throw down. That still seems fairly impractical to me, but I understand that it might be different for someone with a bit more income.

Don't get me wrong though. I still love their work. I've wanted the E-J21 jacket for the longest time. Hopefully I'll come across it one day.

that looks cool with short sleeves like that

literally gru in dagestan core


Acronym SS-CP2 worn over one of the Nikelab ACG jackets


basic bitch desu