Is Stefan Veeky Forums?

Is Stefan Veeky Forums?

no, hes black

Yes, Stefan is Veeky Forums.

wen u com out youre shit is gone lol

what is stefans height and weight?

i'd guess 5'10 120.

also what skinny jeans are those?

But like, he doesn't seem to give a shit and his outfits are super simple. Guess it really is how you wear it and how well you stick to your own thing

Exactly. It's all black, no tops on stage and always skinny jeans and derby shoes. Simple but effective, and not try hard edgy.

Veeky Forums because
>all black
>experimental music with mild success

Dr Marten's 1461 mono is one of the only non-sneaker memes here, so yes


He also wears combat boots with cuffed pants
Check this pic
Also he has the best tattoos I've ever seen on a person before

W2c boots?

rides tats truly are god tier

those arent cuffed

They're probably Corcoran jump boots, super beat up though.
Yeah my bad, they're just a short inseam

>very fast niggger singing at incredible hihg speed

yes he is


yes he is fa; the key here is that he isnt trying that hard

w2c boots on the left?

what's all that shit in front of the drums? weights?

imagine actually listening to a death grips song without fast forwarding

yeah, I guess to keep it in place