Will manlets ever learn?

will manlets ever learn?

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it looks like his legs end on the knees and he's just walking on the stumps

is there are a reason to live if you're not effay 6'2?

perfect height and all

>cotton hill-core

why would he wear such a low neckline with a long jacket and hi-tops

"and my axe"

6'0" is objectively the most effay height m80

5'3" here

I do alright. Found a style I am comfy in. It is just important not to fuck with ill fitting clothing like the OP pic.

I know a guy about that height who is a normie ladiesman, almost chad level
a athletic, confident manlet is still leagues better than a tall skeleton autist

I'm at that height, but I don't feel like that is the case. Maybe I'm not lanky enough.
Happy to hear this user. What do you normally wear?

full rick

fuck off there's no way that's not a shop

kek, for real?

First is not me.

I mostly do mono black slip on vans or new balance. Straight/loose fit pants. Comfy sweaters, although now with the heat I am in tees and short sleeve button shirts.

I think they key was finding the silhouette I vibe with. When I switched from slim pants to loose/straight fit pants everything clicked.

Pretty much. Just looking "cool" doesn't quite cut it when getting ladies.

would look 100x better without a white shirt

when will rick boys learn that white t's always look shit

>implying manlets can't be 100x more Veeky Forums than any of you

I'm 6' 4" and just turned 18. I felt like I had to grow up really fast because of that/other reasons.

I've been a weird pothead kid for a while and you can't really be a slouchy pothead when you're 6' 4". really sucks, but eh, we all have to grow up sometime.

whats more worser than being a manlet? being a black manlet

whenever i see a black guy shorter than me i think "man i hope he has a monster dong 'cause that's just sad"

look at the fucking drawstrings on the parka LMAO!!!!! theyre draggign on the floor!!! AHAHAHAHA



rick owens fb group mate

this. that guy just doesn't know how to dress for his height. wearing a coat already cuts your leg silhouette short and he pairs that with tucking in his pants on his geos

as a manlet this hurts to look at

and this is why manlets should not wear high tops

What height constitutes as manlet?

your height starts with a 5
if you're european, you're automatically a manlet

>your height starts with a 5
Incorrect. Pretty sure the fit maymay is

i mean they can but just not the bulky ones or those that break up the pants silhouette

pic related is a 5'6" user


anything below 6'5"

>tfw no gf that appreciates my craig green samurai fits

wtf how tall is he?

im worried i look like this now cuz im 5'8"


just dont wear long coats and tuck in your pants into your shoes

this guy is just doing everything to make him look shorter (add to that the scoop neck and drop crotches)

5'10 is king of manlets but still a manlet.

t. 5'10 king of manlets

can confirm, it's pretty much the cause of all my life problems

Bullshit, He's 5' at most

made my day

peep the rick owens fb group user

Veeky Forums here, who the fuck is this?
he looks fablous, looks like greek or roman emperor with tattos

he is a fashion man who refers to himself as a queen ;)

nick wooster. he's wearing craig green

That man is not 5'5".

What the fuck
I'm 5'6", I've seen pics of myself and I'm pretty sure I don't look like that.
So either he needs to stop lying about his height or I need a serious reality check.

he's doing all types of shit that makes him look a lot shorter user (tucking in boots and long coats in particular)

he just screwed up his proportions through a shit fit
oversized shoes + long coat and shirt + short guy with fairly short legs = bilbo fucking baggins

Maybe the perspective is fucked, but i swear he looks like a yr old with a pedo stache

*6 yr old

You can get an idea of how long his legs are and those are the legs of a midget.

hes wearing geos mate. those look really goofy

looks like ya boy slipped out the ward in his hospital gown ya diiiiiiiiig

post a pic and we'll tell you :^)

lmao truuuuu xDDDddd real nigga hours


im 6' too but height is not the most important thing imo

it's better to be a manlet with good proportions, facial aesthetics and a normal brain social interaction than to be a 6'5" autism brain with shitty proportions

then again, everything is individual.

>good proportions
>captain autismo

Scandinavians are tall, people from the netherlands are fucking giraffes!

He is not 5'5 . More like 5'0 . I can't believe he would blatantly lie like that, even more so that 5'5 is still short anyway.

coming from someone thats 6'3", you guys know how autistic it is to constantly be using the word manlet, right? Its every fucking thread. Almost like everyone on here is insecure and trying to feel better about being ugly

6'6 and huge thighs :^(

i estimate he's 3ft 3 by geomath

now datz mathz

>tfw 5'3", possibly 5'4" now. Any snobs cursed by the same height?

ugly irish scum

Are you going to give us some examples or?

that fat dude in the yeezy boots looks like he's gonna tip over

>tfw 5'11" thin guy with huge ribcage and broad shoulders so not skelly mode and strong as fuck jawline

Holyshit i'm blessed

You feel blessed by your height because chances are you're ugly AF LMAO

Stay mad manlet,my facial aesthetic is like 8/10 and i have confirmed it many times

But it's okay if it's what makes short guys feel okay about themselves

do you have any advice on what to wear?
I'm 5'7 with a small ribcage and narrow shoulders

Full Rick

or rather, general advice on stuff I should pay attention to as a manlet

Just don't wear long tops,i also recommend you buy skinny jeans as they will tone your legs

I never realized how short Ian really is.

We are siamese twins.

Anyway, my plan is to start working out my upper body, especially arms, back and shoulders to try and gain that v-shape instead of looking like a pear.

Also, I just finished my studies and will begin an internship at an office, so I'm planning on getting a lot of clothes sewn up (lots of shirts, 3-4 suits, some sweaters when they start selling them as MTM products etc.). For us short people, having everything fit you perfectly is really important, and MTM/bespoke is a good way to achieve this.

>its a "height doesn't matter because I'm a manlet" episode

height does matter, saying this to all you manlets ITT. Ofc you can compensate as with everything, but being tall is objectively more attractive - I'm a bit of a faggot so I've always been close friends with women. Not A SINGLE ONE has said they prefer short men, the shortest was 180cm, but she was like 150.

you're fucking delusional if you post Veeky Forums pics with "lmao I can make gains in 1 week". yeah, good luck because gains are the last thing women look at. if you notice a difference when you're ripped compared to when you're a skeleton with women it means your personality sucks dick otherwise, so muscle is the only thing going for you. speaking this as a pretty Veeky Forums guy, getting Veeky Forums hasn't made a great difference. I did wel before and I do well now.


Money comes second when they're older

>Not A SINGLE ONE has said they prefer short men


It's not like there are enough 6'5, ripped, handsome billionaires with massive dongs and wings on their back to go around for all these women.

Just as there aren't enough Jessica Albas for every single guy on the planet.

yeah what you said is true user but from experience people, esp. women, who look at height first tend to be pricks and 90% of them aren't even that good looking (bar models ofc) who i wouldn't want to stick my dick in to begin with

also, asian women are objectively the most effay women and they have lower height standards

Why do you feel the need to brag on a anonymous japanese cartoon image board?

Make sure that jackets stop before mid thigh. Also anything long sleeved needs to be cut off a little before your wrists. Boots give a nice little lift too. Also be confident, 5'7 isn't really something to be worried about. It's normal height.

Living in Tokyo, my girlfriend likes short guys though I'm not even short

fuck you

wooster fell all the way off
he shouldve stayed a dad

Me and Ian are the same height

eh, who cares. just be a cool dude. at least you're not balding.

I didnt know they made ozweegos in child sizes

How do you even live being under 6'

I'm a 5'5 manlet as well, but I try to wear things that don't make my waist look so low like the guy in OPs pic. Also being overweight doesnt help, but I'm trying to lose weight.

You're short but have good proportions. You have A shorter torso and longer legs, so you can wear high top sneakers /boots and look fine.

6'2 its actually too much you filthy lanklet

doing p good mate. dont worry man were all gonna make it

it's like there is only 3 inches between his knees and the top of his shoes

You are still a manlet dumbfuck, you have to be atleast 6'0, glad i am not a filthy manlet like you


w2c jacket & pants? Looks great

yea im 6,3 and look like a lanky skeleton, 6,0 is perfect height


Why it's always manlets that got all the shit, but never lankets, they have it much worse desu
I'm 6' 7" and it's suffering

>tfw 5'9
>want to wear full Rick but will probably look like a turbo manlet in it

Kill me lads

im 6'3 rate my fit

Nice try, Nordics, Germans and Dutch people are the tallest people. Absolutely superior aesthetical genes too.