Do you like fashion?

Do you like fashion?

so where's this from? snuff or some weird porn?

Whatever happened to Tripskank?

she used to trip here and years ago her ex posted this to /r9k/

shes 16 in the pic

fashion? I'm not sure what that word means OP, could you explain?

ah so technically chilled prawn then, cool

>shes 16 in the pic

no way she was sixteen. she was at least of age. her trip was Tripskank or tripsk kinda cool but she pretty psycho as most female trips back then one even committed suicide. ah the good ol days of Veeky Forums

Curry flavored.

imagur of these pics?


No, she was illegal for the nudes. She admitted it. Some jelly ex spread them around. Her fault for giving him the pics, though.

Thanks, I feel fucking old now.

She got gahck'd.

you don't wanna see them mate, she's pretty gross

she "admitted" it just to keep people from posting them like celebs did in the fappening

are flip flops appropriate footwear?

wtf is that video

what is that video

Fucking disgusting. Is this real?

I don't really know the exact context, but I think it's a guy in eastern europe beating a trans guy pretending to be a granny up

i mean, i dont feel comfortable around transgenders, but aren't their lives hard enough?

Only thing I know that their dicks are hard around handsome men