Whats Veeky Forumss opinion of field jackets?

whats Veeky Forumss opinion of field jackets?

thinking about picking up pic related(Orvis heritage field jacket in olive), but considering the L.L. Bean field coat, anyone have any experience with either of these?

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I like the sapper more tan the bedale if you go barbour, and I think I'd go orvis more than the ll bean field jacket, from the website it looks really boxy

Long-time Veeky Forumsgs might remember me trying to sell this coat. I still have it and it's still for sale.
Unworn except for two times I tried it on.

that belt is pretty bold

probably what's been turning people off

More of a case of low agency than anything else. I've never bothered putting it up on eBay, grailed etc. Pretty sure you can take the belt off.

yeah but then there are just random belt loops

that's totally unacceptable

When you look up "Barbour Ursula" one of the results is an archived Veeky Forums post of mine.

I don't like it. I prefer other types of jackets generally and there are better looking field jackets for less on grailed.

Classic and practical, but also immensely varied in quality (design and fabrication) and sorely due for an update.

Orvis and LL Bean are both fine, but the LL Bean Field Coat is more of a chore coat than a field jacket. The Orvis you posted has weird lines and I strongly dislike high set handwarmer pockets.


I agree with you but that isn't an unusual thing: lot of coats like that for a long time.

I've been considering buying a field coat on ebay for a while now but I can't decide between these two...

both are ugly imo

you do you user though

i don't like the colors btw, although i do like the green better

Is this what fa used to like? I'm new just this year and can't even imagine that style here

I like them, but mostly because I love Barbour.


the brown looks like it's full on corduroy which is gross but green would still be better

wait for a bedale or LL Bean jacket to go on sale
and you MUST check the dimensions dude
I'm fat and a fucking medium by Barbour standards lol

Post field jacket inspo pls. I have one but don't know how to wear it anymore.

Veeky Forums for as long as I've known it has been too-skinny kids into too-expensive sneakers and semi-negroid fashion. Plus aspirational Rick.

Barbour small's arms are probably too short for you unless you're 5'9, though.

i own this, at £450 was most expensive jacket i own but its comfy, looks cool (i took the belt off) and basically live in it

should probs mention i'm 6'5 have chimpanzee arms and a large fits me perfectly

This board used to be into workwear and more traditional clothes, but then KTT invaded and every thread became about either Kanye or sneakers. This time also saw the advent of the term "dadcore", which basically referred to anything that wasn't streetwear. The board has been going downhill ever since.


I was thinking about buying an m65 jacket from here since its cheaper than alpha industries has anyone bought from these guys before?

I also wanna buy this one military1st.co.uk/20-2501-42-surplus-m65-regiment-jacket-black-camo.html
I think they're legit.

It's not that I'm worried it's a scam I'm worried because I'm not sure how to quality is compared to alpha and other brands

I've thought about purchasing a used coat but it seems a little disrespectful to wear a coat that a soldier actually used

milsurp is top comfy

>This board used to be into workwear and more traditional clothes,
That sounds really nice actually. All of these sneaker and "joggers" threads disgust me.

>but then KTT invaded
What does this mean?