Let's have one of those threads where we post what/what brands we're wearing and let everyone make unwarranted...

Let's have one of those threads where we post what/what brands we're wearing and let everyone make unwarranted assumptions about us.

Pic not really related. I'll post me later.

Brands I'm wearing pretty much daily:
>Acne Studios
>Robert Geller

>Thom Browne
>Common Projects

Those mainly, I'm sure there's a few other things but those are probably the most common four.

raf simons
rick owens

these are the brands im usually dressed in

Pants: PT01, Incotex, Entre Amis, C.O.F. Studio.

Sweaters: Drumohr, Berg & Berg, John Smedley, Morgano.

Shoes: Carmina, Superga, CQP.

nice and functional for a work environment

Teenager, middleclass, probably not in uni right now.

20-25 years old, university student, upper middle class.

Dickhead, likes to hang out at gloryholes, parents have disowned him.


brands im wearing right now.

>jill sander
>filling pieces

New Balance
Naked and Famous
J Crew

>Common Projects
>Nudie Jeans
>Norse Projects
>Our Legacy

And a fuckton of sneakers

Guess what highly original outfit i'm wearing today..

SLP (Mainly for shoes bc too poor for jacket etc)



>AS Colour

Most of you are anti-social teenagers or young adults working shit-tier jobs, spending most of your paycheck on designer items in order to appeal to a very, very niche crowd on the internet in order to gain some appraisal.

How accurate was that?

very well done sir

I do try.


>Raf Simons
>Vans (shoes only)
>Occasional palace and supreme but I'm not really into them or anything


places + faces

Shoes Like Pottery

what pieces you got from IRO my dude? I find it somewhat difficult to find more distinctive pieces from them in my size.

Acne Studios
Grind london

Moslty shirts and knits, sometimes tees

me but can't afford thom brown

Norse Projects
T by Wang

All you fuckers just keep posting your shit without making any assumptions on other people's posts.

Shame on ya'll.

wearing rn:


kys turbo poorfag

thanks for the quality post friend :^)

You're probably 13 years old, your uncle molested you, you manage your pain by worshipping Dick Owens and starving yourself. In a few years, you'll be found dead outside a gay club, with a Supreme sneaker showed up your ass.

This is kinda fun. :-)

fml. i have 0 social life, i spend 80% of my paycheck on clothings and shoes which i never wear. what i do almost every other nights is take them all out, try them out to mix/match to get a fit i really like, dance around my mirror keep them all back and go to bed feeling empty and sad

>going for quality by buying basic bitch clothing at slightly higher prices

>muh jap minimal aesthetics
desu i kinda get this tho

Streetwear 101

Ayyyy bby

Effay starter pack circa mid 2000s

Takes one to know one. Hi 5

Emulating slp by swapping with similar pieces. Not necessarily a bad thing tho

Cant say for sure unless i know what kapital piece
>50-50 chance its another ring coat. Its cool and all but they do other great things too

Nu generation #menswear


full rick


Best clothes rack for under $100?

>north face


>1-2-3-4 (Ramones)

Tryhard skaterbro, smokes cheap weed to feel cool

Edgelorg faggot

also edgelord faggot

>Raised by Wolves
>Topman (the cleaner stuff they make, not the wannabe streetwear crap)
>Thrift finds
>Dime (very occasionally)
>We Did It's clothing line

REI tee
Reigning Champ shorts
EQT 93/2016s
Thorlos hiking socks, mini-crews

I don't skate and I grow my own which is pretty high grade according to a commercial grower plus I only smoke when no one's around

>Paul Smith
>Our Legacy

what i wear to work every single day
>calvin klein

yeah right

dont flex on an anonymous imageboard mate

Outdoor Voices crop tank
Rick skort
Marsell leather mesh sneakers
Acronym bag

>American Apparel
>New Balance

Pretty much wearing one of not three on a given day.

>middle class

>j crew
>upper middle class

Opinion disregarded.

this made me depressed pls do something about your life fampai


And If I'm feeling lucky I might just put on a Rothco jacket.

>Marshall Artist

hypebeast pleb

>totally asap yams and NOT asap rocky

Zadig & Voltaire
National Standard

I have 40% GUESS as my wardrobe. Not by choice, I just used to work for the company.
Jeans there aren't bad. Other than that, though...

>anyone who wears streetwear
>anything but middle class

my closet is slp only

economic class isn't determined by taste you retard. are you saying that all the rich fuccboi asians who wear nothing but streetwear are "middle class"?

btw, j crew is p much the definition of middle class.

You're born into class. The asians who wear streetwear are lower class. Their parents just happened to own the iphone factory. They came from nothing. New money.

almost always wearing comme des garcons femme, homme, or homme plus

today im wearing j.w. anderson tshirt cdgh shorts and 1461s

>You're born into class
>What you wear determines your class
Make up your mind, you should visit Veeky Forums more and educate yourself.


that's not the definition of class most people use when talking about economic brackets such as middle and upper class.


>Adidas, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Levi, Lee, LSD, Red Cross
What am I?

I mostly wear second-hand/vintage clothes that are some shitty cheap american brands or something, the only brands I wear are with jeans (Levi's) and Shoes (Doc Martens, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, etc)

Where do I fit in?

Also Rip Curl and Billabong from time to time

Hollister, nike, vans, supreme, primark, uniqlo, abercrobie, banana republic, ralph lauren, adidas, thrifted items

Our legacy
Norse Project
Few piece of various canadian/japanese brand

desperately wants to be part of the establishment

anxiously searches for the freshest memes to send to grills on tinder

cozy consumerist weeb who buys intentionally distressed furniture

basic bitch mfaer

basic bitch mfaer who thinks he's better than average

even your black and white selfies don't feel good enough for instagram

went through puberty reading styleforum and sufu

lmao yeah someone's gotta do it

>no Rick

Overshirt, sweater - C.E
Shirt - Uniqlo
Pants - Barkers (New Zealand suit brand)
Shoes - Beams+Moonstar+MrPorter

Well, most people are lower class and have no clue about classes.

Trust fund
Life is wavy baby

You probably have an Instagram with a bunch of minimal shit on it
Middle aged man , you play golf in your spare time and you've figured out how to use your son's Nintendo Wii

You can't see the ground standing at the peak
Vice versa


>American Apparel
>Common Projects

>not being aware of your class

stay woke Veeky Forums

>rukka, ice peak, luhta
>other random cheapo stuff

right now

>comme des garçons

>Full Rick
>Full Rick
>Full Rick
>Full Rick
>Full Rick

James Perse and Calvin Klein right now

Daily for work I wear
>Alex Mill
>J. Crew
>Shoes Like Pottery

You're a liar

off white
cdg play
marcelo burlon
giuseppe zanotti
neil barrett
thom browne
saint laurent
full rick owens

Jap streetstyle 101

All aboard the rich boi hypetrain

Australian hipster