What happened to all the good posters? Interesting shit like this used to be regular thing...

What happened to all the good posters? Interesting shit like this used to be regular thing, now this board is bland as shit.

Favorite deceased Veeky Forums personalities thread?

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if you consider that to be a good post for Veeky Forums then you should probably be in /pol/, /mu/, or /x/, because that doesn't have anything at all to do with the topic of Veeky Forums

stop looking for things here that doesn't belong here, and stop complaining about you not being able to find them

it's just a very stupid thing to do

You sound stupid to me, I don't like you at all.

i like you and i think op is stupid

fact 1:
Veeky Forums.org/rules#fa
Images and discussion should pertain to fashion and apparel.

fact 2:
The "interesting shit" in OP is about music, politics, and various conspiracy rants.
The post is not about fashion, personal style, or apparel. That means it's off-topic for Veeky Forums.

fact 3:
the post was removed, as you can see.
the post was in all likelihood removed because it was off-topic and violated other global rules.

fact 4:
that kind of content is not supposed to be here, and is not allowed to be here because of that.


in conclusion, it should be apparent to you that looking for this content here, and complaining about there not being more of this content in here, is a really stupid thing to do.

I understand if that's not something you can understand, though.

Maybe you should just try browsing some other board/site that's more relevant to your interests.

Easily one of the most pathetic things I've read in a while, what sort of loser is a stickler for the rules on Veeky Forums? Maybe you'd be more comfortable on reddit, you hall monitor geek.

People like you kill boards.

jesus christ pf was cancerous, please don't start posting screenshots of his posts. The only thing even remotely interesting I ever remember him posting were the copypastas about dudes trying to get AIDS.

What shit taste too, treating Guns and Roses as if they were a legitimately great band fuck me

whatever happened to poet, he used to be the best poster here and I remember his fits being decent

Wanting boards to stay on topic, and to not stray into the topics of other boards, is apparently pathetic - and apparently it's an opinion that kills the boards!

This is a very interesting and intelligent viewpoint you're making.

>what sort of loser is a stickler for the rules on Veeky Forums
>People like you kill boards.


I disagree user, some of this shit is hilarious no matter how you swing it.

Some of it definitely was, because if you're posting 11 hours a day you're obviously gonna make a few good posts. It wasn't all bad, but you had to sift through a LOT of bad to get to any good.

He is right though, i prefer the Veeky Forums of 2009 where no one gave a fuck about the rules.


pf was an OG channer. the newfags and teenagers on Veeky Forums never really got it.

If by "OG channer" you mean legitimately autistic then yeah. Most of his posts screamed out /b/ (what Veeky Forums's probably most notorious for) and /pol/ rather than Veeky Forums.

in the old days, /b/ informed every board on Veeky Forums.
now /b/ is shit and the rest of the boards are over regulated.

pigfuck had what was easily the most valuable collection of clothing on the board and knowledge to go with it, the insanity was just a bonus.

Most of us left. Once you know how to do stuff individually and know more things than 95% of the board you don't need this place anymore. Newfags and crossposters ruined this board, even moot said this was the best board on Veeky Forums before. You think this board deserves a Knotch or a Poet of any other creative good trips/posters anymore? This place has gone to shit. PF tried to help this board, but failed and then left (or got b& I forget). Trunks actually somehow made it despite the ridicule. Another trip I (forget his name) went to a design/fashion school in Europe and made his own clothing line. Most of them outgrow the board and leave. They should really implement a '1 year lock in order to post' thing on the entire board. That'll keep shitposting to a minimum even though it's inevitable. Well this is my first post after coming back for about two years. Who /2009/ here?

hey wanna dress up so that you´d get laid and have a good time? oh we dont do that here in Veeky Forums we play safe and do things only if there´s a really good reason and a parents approval.

ive never fucking had so bad advice in my entire life than what i get here

all of the actual good posters dont trip because they're not massive attention whores

oh man this has got to be satire. wow

Who was that girl who looked like a pear? I fancied her. Didn't dress well at all. But oh well.

time to help out the poor goobers here cuz yall aint go no clue, gonna break it down real nice

this will be the best guide ever written on how to look good, feel good, and be a conscientious consumer and better human.

im writing this because being confident in u are, knowing ur shit, being self aware is empowering and rewarding. the mod will delete this, and ill repost, but i hope it proves to many what a petty little gobshite the janitor is.

1. if ur ugly it aint gonna happen, especially if u got an ugly body. the majority of u are skinnyfat estrogenised goyim

thats why in the waywt theres so many wide hipped, knock kneed dweebs who make skinny jeans look repugnant.

how to fix? get urself some fluoride free toothpaste. dont consume products with soy in them, that means soy of any kind, compounds etc.
avoid processed food,
exercise in some form.
yoga and consistent stretches

half of the reason u losers have such horrible proportions is cuz u r all tight and hunched due to extended r9k tfw no gf sessions on the internet.

when walking lead with ur hips, ur hips and pelvis should be tucked inward, not poking out(lordosis)


find one for lower body as well.

2. stop being stupid, most of u cant help it because ur genetically inferior and stupid but for those on the cusp, listen up. dont come here asking inane shit like 'w2c' 'cop or not' 'hair cut advice' or any other of that goober SHIT. if u a transient browser of the board shut the fuck up and stop writing things on the internet. dont post ur face in a face rate thread, stop being so fucking pathetic.

educate urself, teach urself some cognitive processes that allow u to think like an individual and not a cornfed goy faggot. this will permeate throughout every facet of your life.

consume only quality things, whether it be literature, film, television and other forms of art.

3. niggers are shit, rap is shit, nigger culture is shit, yeezys are shit, yeezy is shit, kanye west dresses like shit, hba and all other niggercore brands are shit.

4. dont buy things retail unless you know what u r doing and why u are doing it. this especially applies to designer brands. practical clothing, 'menswear'/workwear et al esque brands, made in usa, brands with local production and history such as many of those found here:unionmadegoods.com/ are acceptable to purchase retail.

5. ebay/yahoo japan/rakuten/superfuture/grailed/eg-co/guyinconsignment are u friendly internet outlets with which u will transform urself from goob to great. if u access to quality thrift stores in ur area, good, utilise them.

>b-b-but pigfuck i need to try things on first.

no u dont u faggot. measure a piece of clothing that fits u in every category, apply and compare it to those given by online retailers and bam, u no longer need to buy things irl.

6. u will fuck up, u will experience buyer's remorse, thats the process, thats how u learn, dont be scared its only clothes u fag.

7. if ur poor dont justify things like h&m, zara et al u have access to better clothing at comparable prices at thrift stores and the sites listed above.

8. fast fashion is shit. fast fashion is shit. fast fashion is shit. no h&m dont have 'some nice le pieces its just hit and le miss herp le derp haha.' no u faggot, its all shit.

9. earrings of any kind are gay as fuck, shit, totally fucking gay if u have plugs or an earring remove it flagellate urself.

10. if ur about designer clothing and not just "here to learn dress good and get girls haha" then listen. there are good designers and there are bad designers. while their aesthetics differ, some are shit and some are good. it will take u time and research to ascertain which one you personally identify with. there are many resources on the internet to wit u can learn about each designers career, aesthetic, development, work etc.
these include:

my personal list of fav designers: pastebin.com/Gxnt82HX

11. stop fucking using 'effay' and 'Veeky Forums' as an adjective its fucking gay.

12. be a fucking man, christ, u have testicles right, stop being so fucking gay. wake up to urself, fire a gun, fuck a woman, exercise ur basic biological need to bea top fucken bloke. theres nothing wrong with being white. modern feminism is weaponised thought-manipulation.

13. little offtopic, but if u are at all curious about how the world really works: pastebin.com/MSvkCCRy

>PF tried to help this board
I agree with your other points but lol come on m8



Except he did. He made generals to keep this place clutter free. He did manage to bring and keep shoe threads and hair threads and all other useless threads to an all time low. But now that he's gone shit mods, shit janees, clueless shitposters, and no one wants to help the board let a lone touch the sticky with a 10 foot pole.

Guess who




and he did it all so he could have more room for his incessant shitposting and general idiocy

Everything pf did that was "good" for the board was matched and then overrun by something "bad". First off, Veeky Forums was just as shit like 2 years ago as it is now. It literally hasn't changed at all aside from a lack of trips, which is really a good thing. Same amount of gay ass hair and face rate threads as ever. He definitely knew his stuff but he was an incessant shitposter and it was almost impossible to see a fashion thread with him in it not get entirely derailed after maybe 3 posts about clothing. Then for every thread about clothes there were like 3 about niggers, jews and cucking. Literally all he did was shitpost. Idk where your memory of pf comes from, dude was classic Veeky Forums cancer

eh can't argue with that. the guy had good ideas but too far down the red pill rabbit hole. at least he did some good.