Cap alternatives to look Veeky Forums under the sun?

Cap alternatives to look Veeky Forums under the sun?

PS: I'd use it for running too.


Boat hat, if you don't mind looking a bit gay.

skullcap has a nice shape and i like a snapback occasionally
...why the fuck you need a cap for running just grab a T, generic sportswear and go. ur hat be all super sweaty and unusable in city if you sacrifice it for sports

>the fuck
Extreme sun/heat. Sensible skin.

Just get a black or white hat from nike or adidas or reebok or fila or whatever, stop being a special snowflake.

This is what you want

Thoughts on something like this in a plain sand colour?


any hats you would rec pls

Boonie hat, cowboy hat, bucket hat

get a buff


depends on the fit you shit

could work/ could not work


camo is for amuhhhhrican vets that brag about how many women they raped in nam



grow a pair and get a sick visor

w2c so hard.

Can I wear a hat backwards?

No, it's physically impossible. The last person DIED after a single hat backwards.

boonie hat for operatorcore

People here say that keffiyehs are for numale hipsters. is there any truth to this?

kill yourself

what happened fag, an american rape you?

rednecks located

they always were

eat shit and die