Pick my shoes

Can someone please help me pick a nice pair of shoes? I need something comfortable and not so bulky as I'm driving 3+ hours a day

I'm not picky at all, I'm just having trouble finding ones that will look good and such. I'm kinda twiggy and a male

The black with overspray like in pic related are very appealing to me, so if anyone has recommendations please let me know

That over spray is nigger core

Go for adidas sambas or converse for driving, the thinner the sole the better

if you want to get the jordan eclipse in another colorway that'd be okay

I have some Converse already, and the sambas are pretty uncomfortable to me

What about pumas? Any of those Veeky Forums enough

If you want comfort, boost shoes are your go-to. If you can get your hands on a pair of black nmd´s or ultra boost they are goat. But for driving, i think nmd´s are more stabile.


Not with nmds, i usually drive in them and it works like a charm. And i drive in my ultra boosts too, works just fine. To each his own i guess

What if I'm poor? The boosts and nmds are slightly too expensive

I wouldn't even say poor, but I've never even spent $100+ on shoes and I don't know how I feel about doing it

How do these look? Sorry guys lol I'm just hesitant

Opinions on these too

good driving shoes

Whoah those are nice. Come in black?

those are gokart shoes, they probably do come in black but they're not comfortable to walk around in.

anyway, to answer for real, the reebok leather classics are quite comfortable and okay to drive with.

Driving shoes?

Forgot to attach image.

Onitsuka tiger classics
If ihave to drive overtime i wear those

I want something I'm able to walk around in too, the ferrari driving shoes I have are ass for that. Everytime I step I wait to hear the sole rip

The reeboks look nice but look kinda bulky as well. Do they look like moon shoes on skinny people?

Get zx flux instesd

>Do they look like moon shoes on skinny people?
I'm skinny and they look good, go to a store and try them out.

Check out those all-wool shoes


Just ordered a pair in blue myself.

Try them on, you'll notice the difference and be comfortable w it